A female detective needs to look and act tough, but there’s no reason why can’t take a walk on the feminine side, too. Joan nails that mix with this black leather jacket, sleek black tights, and boots (tough), paired with a bow-print shirt (feminine). You can go shopping and “do lunch” with her, and afterwards, confidently walk down a dark alley, knowing she will kick the ass of anyone who dares harass you. Heck, she even has to prop up a blubbering Sherlock when he sees a “ghost” at the end of the episode. Sigh, Lucy Liu has to take care of everything on this show, doesn’t she? — Kim Humes


How I Met Your Mother

OMG, #wemetthemother. And she’s the most adorably doe-eyed pixie ever. I applaud the casting choice (you know Ted would go for “cute”, not “hot”) and does she not look like a cross between Robin and Lily? Clearly, Mother is a laid-back sort of gal, what with her worn-in boots and sweet crochet dress, but the bright yellow umbrella screams “QUIRKY!” Plus, Cristin Milioti plays the ukulele, so strap in for lots of goofy shenanigans and fit-n-flare dresses next season. — Jen Luby



In the land of sequin, glitter, rhinestones, and more sequins, it can sometimes be hard to tell who’s best dressed vs worst dressed. Tacky abounds, y’know? But when Maddie showed off her father/daugther dance dress, it not only took Rayna and Teddy’s breaths away, it took mine too!

First of all, it was highly appropriate for a 13 year old. And you know how we like appropriateness around here. Second, it was shiny and glittery without being over the top. And don’t even get me started on her adorbs up-do. For being a superstar’s daughter, Maddie could have totally come out looking like a Lourdes or even a Willow Smith. Thankfully, she kept it tasteful. Stay classy, Nashville. — Kate O’Leary