This week on Revenge(!!!): We hit the ground running this week as Conrad uses The Initiative’s plan to blow up Grayson Global to kill Jack — but accidentally, the wrong Porter bro gets killed. Conrad then reveals that he’s been secretly in The Initiative’s inner circle and working for them all season. Following Declan’s departure to the big American Apparel hoodie outlet in the sky, Jack (who everybody thinks is dead) heads out to assassinate Connie, now Governor. But Emily stops him by revealing that she’s really Amanda Clarke!! In other news: Nolan gets arrested for terrorism, Padma is Maybe Not Dead and also double-crossing Nolan, Daniel maybe killed Aiden, and Victoria’s secret son arrives at Grayson Manor. CLIFFHANGERS GALORE!!!


Emily’s Target
First she wants to avenge Takeda’s murderer, until she learns Aidan swung the death blow (literally). So her attention quickly switches back to her default DESTROY THE GRAYSONS mode, esp. after they nearly blow up Jack.

Gala of the Week
It’s an Election Night party for the Connie 4 Guv campaign, though mostly everybody skips attending and those who are there are mostly in disguise (ahem, Jack’s hipster glasses and jaunty cap).

Best Dressed
Ashley emerges from behind the potted plants in a gorgeous leather-and-sheer number that I can’t wait to examine more thoroughly in the full recap!

Most Soapy Moment
Declan had to make the most of his final words, pulling a Sad Dying Fantine to both Jack and Charlotte before getting Nolan to videotape his final farewell. So long, drama queen.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0

Pick up the pieces of this two-parter by checking out the plot recap at Wetpaint Entertainment, and check back here on Wednesday when I’ll be bringing you all the fashion hits and misses.