The obvious point of this week’s Mindy is that frat parties, when over 25 and sober, are the worst things EVER. Mindy and Casey hit a rough patch when he announces he’s going to Haiti for missionary work, so Mindy’s new protégée — aspiring medical student Katie — takes her to a frat party, where Mindy runs into the doctor she used to love…turns out his marriage went south and he’s completely gone to seed. Then Mindy gets super-judgy about the stripper pole in the frat house and tries to take it down, only to do an amateur pole dance while she’s at it. In the end, she and Casey make up, Morgan leaves the midwives and rejoins the clinic, and no one left the frat party having had a good time.


There weren’t a heck of a lot of costume changes for Dr. L, since the episode took place in just one place for most of the episode (like the “In the Club” episode from last fall). When we first meet her, she’s rocking out an bright teal cardigan that made me gasp in delight:



This sweater is so indestructibly happy, even it stayed vibrant after Mindy goes back to her apartment in defeat, after her devastating lunch with Katie and Casey.

And dude, you dumped her in front of her protégée?? NOT cool, definitely NOT the Christian thing to do. Thou shalt not show up thy galpal in a professional capacity, even if she’s not a Christian.


So Mindy goes to Katie’s frat party, rocking out this punk-inspired number:

The material screams a little Forever XXI to me, but I kept thinking this is what she should have worn onstage when she rapped with her brother. Maybe she should have worn it to punk night at the MET? But still, this outfit needs a night out and if it was indeed Forever XXI with that sheen, better to throw it on for a frat party rather than a chic soiree in Soho.


At the party, she meets this slice of heaven (Tom) from her past, who’s dressed in an ensemble that screams “aging grad student tries to get down”.

It’s what Phil Dunphy might wear on Modern Family, but even Phil would know to rock this out in a slimmer cut and with some skinny jeans.


Let’s talk about Casey. There’s this demure, inoffensive number that says Eddie Bauer to me that does at least set off his hair, if nothing else:


And then for some reason he showed up in a priest’s collar for the party, drunk out of his mind:

I won’t post the picture of him vomiting all over it later, since you’re probably reading this on your iPhone on your lunch break.


But by episode’s end, he’s returned to his Abercrombie/J.Crew yumminess in this vibrant shirt tucked just under a more muted sweater. No wonder Mindy gave him another chance.


And what about Katie? She went from looking like an unassuming college student  trying not to attract her lecherous T.A.’s attention…


…to this stunner of an outfit:

I say daaaaamn! Girl’s got effortless-looking tresses and a body she knows not to exploit professionally (despite her brief pole dance), wrapped in a dress that looks like it was sewn on her. Totally incredible look. If Katie keeps Mindy’s advice about attracting a man with her mind, Katie will do well in life. Life lessons from Dr. L.

As for Mindy’s office-mates, Betsy decides to get with spring and sport this poppy green sweater.

I’d argue that these bold colours are wearing her, though. She’s so naturally nervous and meek. Oatmeal beige seems more her speed, but more power to her, and all that.


They boys didn’t bring it, either. Morgan sported this shiny club shirt to a business lunch, direct from the midwife office:

Dude, you’re not working at Barneys or fetching drinks at Nobu, so that sheen will not do. Your evil boss plays the urban professional look better.


It’s no better at the party, where Morgan dresses like a sophomore on break from a tier two school in Florida.

Boy is one “jeah” away from being Ryan Lochte’s new BFF. But the contrasting sleeve-torso scheme on Handsome British Doctor’s sweater? I COVET that. It’s flattering and the colour blocking is sublime. As for Danny’s coat (a copy of which I just scored at a vintage shop last weekend), and I’ve made this point before, I like that this show doesn’t outfit everyone in brand-new clothing every single week like they have a limitless wardrobe budget.


But let’s end this recap on a positive note. How about this fabulous mixed pattern from HBD, who knows how to tie disparate prints with matching shades:

You’re welcome.


And finally, a group shot, since all’s well that ends well here:

I know I love fiery, dramatic colours on Mindy, but this outfit does her no favours. It’s not the classic bandage dress from “In the Club”, it’s more like its original blue print before the designer threw out the pattern but kept the colour.

Next week is the season finale, and I’m dying to know — what will become of Mindy and Casey? Will Danny find love with his ex-wife? Will Becky be afraid of her own shadow still? And how will Morgan mix with the new nurse?