Hart of Dixie

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get on a plane, my style factor plummets from Prada to Skymall. But not Dr. Zoe Hart! She’s rocking the chic-ly serious blazer with a relaxed fit blouse underneath, plus some artfully ripped jeans. Not only did she not bring a snack for the plane, she’s reading an actual book. AND performing emergency procedures on a fellow passengers! Meanwhile, sitting in a row behind her is me, wrapped up my University of Maryland sweatpants and hoodie, eating the complimentary peanuts, and reading Skymall. Zoe, we have so much to learn from you. — Matt Solyst


Modern Family

On last week’s Modern Family, Lily got $100 for her tooth because the tooth fairy (*coughCAMcough*) had a bit too much vino. Luckily, her dads have a niece who’s willing to don a pink wig, crown, wings, and a tutu and play the tooth fairy (I know, Cam was secretly devastated he couldn’t do it). It’s too bad that Haley tripped up and “tooths” instead of “teeth” because nothing gets past Lily and her clutch, which transitions seamlessly from daycare to bedtime while holding crayons…and a hundred dollar bill. — Steph Au


Mr Selfridge

This week’s period costume goodness is brought to you by Lady Mae, who does a little light shopping/scheming in this fetching navy day dress, complete with a huge HBIC hat. Go back and watch the episode. With feathers like that, she had no trouble pursuading the fuddy-duddy bankers to take Mr. Selfridge’s crazy American ideas into consideration.

BY THE WAY, did you notice that later in the episode she re-wore the aubergine gown from the pilot? Royalty…they’re just like us! — Jen Luby