Was I watching Game of Thrones this week or Revenge (!!!)? I have to admit, the end of Aidan and Takeda’s swordfight left me with my hand planted firmly over my mouth. It. Was. That. Intense. In other news, Daniel and Emily are moving to Paris, Nolan is tricked by The Falcon, Victoria is lying and manipulating as per usz, Connie might just be governor of New York after all, Charlotte is pregnant, and Declan is suffering from the same increase in bus fares that we seem to be experiencing in New York City. 


Most Fashionable Inmate

Let’s begin with our newest evildoer, The Falcon. I didn’t realize that women’s prison uniforms resembled Marc Jacobs rompers.

Check out those round, gold-plated buttons. If this is regular prison garb, I can see why Lindsay Lohan likes the place so much…


Your Weekly Nolan

It was a quiet fashion week for Nolan, but his casual-wear brought a nice New England fall feel.

Fisherman sweater? Check. Scotch in an expensive-looking crystal glass? Double-check. He’s going to need a drink after being fooled once again by The Falcon. Unfortunately, this time Nolan’s mistake results in a city-wide blackout. Oops.  


The Beautiful Ones

Emily and Daniel are not only engaged, they’re also are going to Paris. To live, not honeymoon. Ah, the lives of the rich. As you can imagine, Queen V is none too pleased to be losing her second son. 

But look how happy they look! If I were Emily, I’d smile too if I had that gorgeous suede jacket in my closet. She pairs it with a green v-neck sweater and perfectly-styled hair. She seems genuinely thrilled, no?

Hmmm….Maybe not.


A Very Long Short Engagement

I must mention the outfits being showcased at Emily and Daniel’s engagement party:

Daniel trades in his usual (boring) dark suit for a nice grey one, while Emily wears a metallic gold, strapless number.



Despite Emily’s exquisite taste in clothing, Queen V is having none of it. Why so bitter? Maybe because the best dress Victoria could find to wear to the engagement party resembles funeral garb. 

I’m confused. Is this… a one-sleeved lace dress? At least she’s finally branching out from strappy body con minis.


Most WTF Moment

The swordfight between Takeda and Aidan was super random (Team Aidan all the way!!). However, in the same episode, this happened:

Taking tips from your brother’s tip jar in front of him, eh Declan? Is Declan attempting to buy a bus ticket and escape to Minnesota? Or some other place where Connie isn’t about to become governor?


The Most Badass Biker Jacket Ever

Finally, to finish up the episode, we have a winded Emily rushing in to stop Aidan from making a big mistake. She doesn’t arrive in time, but she is wearing the most badass biker jacket ever. 

Love the hair, jacket, and lipstick.  Can’t help but wonder if Ems might have been able to run faster in a non-leather material, but you can’t change the past.


Where were you when the lights went out in NYC?

And with that, Carrion has begun. Can’t wait to find out what that means — I haven’t been this intrigued by Revenge (!!!) since I thought Queen V was headed to her death via plane last season.

Bring on the finale(!!!)