I Think a Change Would Do You Good

Change is in the air at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, though the team doesn’t quite realize it yet. Bert, Pete and Joan are secretly working on taking the agency public and (no surprises here) it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Pete and Joan think they’re going to become millionaires overnight, however Mr. Campbell’s trip to the brothel sticks a pin in that balloon. Don isn’t much help after firing the sleazy Jaguar client and Roger’s new business tactic of waiting at an airport gate to win business smells a little desperate. Despite all of this trouble brewing, everyone brought their casual game to the table this week and I have to say, I was living for it. Except for Ted — girlfriend needs to lay off the turtlenecks.


If Pete’s face wasn’t always scrunched into a weasel-like scowl, I’d say he could pass for a young Mr. Rogers in this snappy shirt and cardigan combo. The colour contrast adds a smidge of interest, and I’m pretty impressed he mirrored that colour palette with his tie.

Business Pete doesn’t bring anything we haven’t seen before, but again he’s coordinating accessories in the tie and pocket square. And here I thought Trudy picked out all his clothes!


Speaking of Trudy, I guess we’re seeing less of her not because of their separation, but because she’s clearly studying hard at Disney Princess finishing school. Seriously girl, what is with those puffy shoulders? I get it’s only your dressing gown, but there’s a time and a place for that style — and it’s at a Renaissance fair.

There’s so much wrong here, I can’t even process it fast enough. The shape makes Trudy look like a linebacker, the colour would make asbestos jealous, and I don’t think I’ve seen this much chiffon since the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Let’s cleanse our palates with Roger Sterling’s new bestie — paisley. A man who hooks up with a flight attendant just to get inside dirt on travelling business men definitely has the starch to pull off a collection of paisley ties. The gold is fairly subdued and surprisingly doesn’t pop against the grey, but Roger saved his A-game for travelling with his blue on blue on blue combo. I’m seriously thirsting for that blue paisley even though I know I’d have to be 3 martinis in to work it like Roger.


Casual Bert loves an argyle sweater vest, however, I do not. Sorry my friend, I appreciate that you never compromise your bow-tie dedication, but I am so over argyle I’m this close to being under it. Trying to take the agency public and make all the partners very wealthy people must have clouded his judgement.


Over at CGC, Ted is sporting his favourite colour — that weird 70s mustard that was popular for way too long, and seeped into all areas of life (cars, kitchens, shag rugs). When your blazer is as striking as that striped mess Ted’s wearing, don’t match your tie with it. Teddy’s being swallowed up by bad taste.

Props to Gleason for the kicky neck scarf, tho. I’m still waiting for the day when Fred from Scooby Doo is again an acceptable style icon for men, without looking like a trendy tool in a scarf.


Peggy obviously doesn’t share my aversion to Ted’s wardrobe because those two shared a passionate kiss after hours. As far as Peggy’s outfit goes, it’s pretty plain for our girl. Sky blue is a safe choice and the buttons/collar don’t have the odd, stylish flair Peggy seems to infuse into her look.

At least she complements Ted’s teal turtleneck. Although having to type the words “teal turtleneck” really hurts me. What’s he hiding under those? Maybe Ted’s wife is an insatiable hickey machine and since he’s over 16, he’s embarrassed. I once got a monster hickey when I was 22 and you know what I did? Put on some cover-up and wore scarves. That’s how you do it, Ted. Take a note.


Anyway, guess who’s back in town? It’s Marie, the judgemental, wine soaked woman from Montreal here to stir shit up — like this week, when she instructed Megan to look hot and make sexytime with the Mister. Marie’s casual look also falls into the blue/green colour family, but she manages to stand out with her disdainful smoking pose and demure string of pearls.

Impressive though that was, her best look this week was this black dinner frock at left. How much do you love those sheer sleeves? Also, how much more do you love her sitting on the couch drinking red wine straight from the bottle? Don’t ever change, you cynical French fox.

Megan and Marie’s relationship is so tumultuous, I can’t even keep up. But when they’re dressed as fabulous as this, who the hell cares? One of my favourite late-60s/early-70s colour combos is purple and orange. In fact, I’m still in love with it and seeing Marie draped in those colours so elegantly…I’m swooning. Not to be outdone by maman, Megan’s serving some Soap Star Realness with her sexy update to the classic Jackie O. aesthetic. 

Need I mention the fangirls? Next to these chic women, those teenagers look like extras from Oliver!




After their little shopping spree, Marie and Megan accompany Don to dinner with the gross Jaguar guy. After listening to his wife prattle on about absolutely nothing (snaps to the writers for crafting such intentionally banal dialogue!), Don pulls a classic Draper emotional breakdown and fires the client. Frankly, they should have fired him for being totally gross and kidnapped his wife for an emergency makeover. Big hair, big earrings, big ruffles — you don’t get out of the suburbs much do you, honey? 


I mean, compared to Don and Megan’s power couple steez, those Jaguar folks are downright bumpkin. Megan is beyond sexy in this gold dress, and I applaud the neutral make-up. If she had a more smoky eye, it’d be red carpet ready. Don’s no slouch with his slick suit and gold tie to match.

I mean, people must hate these two when they see them out like this.


On the other end of the spectrum, Don’s casual look is less than impressive. Granted, he’s still polished as hell, but these plaid blazers aren’t the right fit for him. I get that it was the style at the time, but y’all know that man feels most at home in a tailored suit with a power tie and freshly shined shoes.


Don and Megan are a pretty stark contrast to Peggy and Abe. But Peggy and Abe have two things going for them: a sweet new apartment in an up-and-coming part of New York (unless it gets burned to the ground by gangs), and accidental hipster style. Is this 1968? 2013? Who knows! Abe is tackling a little DIY in in Lil’ Abner overalls, and let’s talk about Peggy’s coat — adorable! Air kisses for the green and orange stripes, and the unisex style.


Let’s take another look at this coat, OK? Also, check out Peggy’s buttoned-up oxford shirt. I have friends who have basically worn this outfit, but in different colours. It looks like she was out postering for her band’s gig at a local dive bar. This is the flair I was talking about earlier!

Even her boring merlot dress with the wide collar looks more like Peggy with her patterned scarf. Quirky! Bold! Let’s keep an eye on her, though, because I have a feeling the SCDP/CGC merger will push Peggy into Executive Realness, killing her style.


Of course, the real female style icon on Mad Men is, and will always be, Joan. Girl was pretty excited about the agency potentially going public. A million dollars was on her doorstep and she greeted it with her best casual floral blouse. Wardrobe knows how to complement a red-haired woman because I’ve rarely seen Joan in anything unflattering. Her hair’s been freed from the professional up-do we see week after week. It’s all on point and she knows it.


Once shit hits the fan with Don firing Jaguar and chasing after Chevy, Joan doesn’t hold back with the emotions. I always say, if you’re going to have a public display of emotion, make sure you look drop dead gorgeous. Luckily, Joan doesn’t have a worry in that department. Again, we see an emerald hue and it is coming alive against those gold accents.

But I’m holding up a yellow card for this red and blue polka dot number. Sure, it’s fun and trendy, but I’m not sold on it. I think it’s the contrast between the colours? At any rate, the new super-agency better beware, because y’all know Joan ain’t taking no prisoners.