This week on THE PRINCESS BRIDE Revenge(!!!): Aiden and Takeda decide to settle their differences Game of Thrones style, with a SWORDFIGHT TO THE DEATH. Sword. Effing. Fight. The entire episode is worth watching just for that scene. In less pointy news, Emily and Daniel celebrate their re-engagement, Ashley seems to still be on Team Jack (…or is she?), and The Falcon spills the beans that Victoria totally knows who her son is, and paid him off years ago to never reappear. Also of note: Charlotte is TOTES PREGS! But will she, like her mother, abandon her baby for art school? Meanwhile, the original Teen Mom, Queen V, is the latest well-dressed recruit to Jack’s anti-Connie club. And just when you think there’s no room for any more plot, The Falcon tricks Nolan into enacting his Carrion program — blanketing NYC in a conveniently-timed blackout!!!

Emily’s Target
Full speed ahead with her plan to take down the Graysons by marrying Daniel, just like in season 1! It’ll be a quick engagement this time, though, with plans for a Paris wedding in two weeks (a.k.a. next week’s finale).

Gala of the Week
Em and Daniel’s engagement party v2.0 has a less strict dress code as, rather than red-and-white, everyone seems to be wearing beige-and-black-and-grey-and-cream.

Best Dressed
Um, how can I give this to any garment other than Nolan’s velvet paisley blazer embellished with like… tree branches? Nolan, marry me.

Most Soapy Moment
You’d think the swordfight (!!!) would take this honour this week, but you’d be forgetting how The Falcon was like “I will help you… in the form of a riddle!” Play on, playa.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 1
Emily gives a masterclass in OTSH as she simultaneously OTSHs Connie while giving Queen V an epic stinkeye.


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