Part 3 of 3: 101 Miscellaneous Characters

Sometimes, there are just too many outfits – shocking, I know. This week on Glee, I’ve decided to recap those who’ve been left on the shelf previously.

And I will do it hilariously.


Meet the Jane Addams girls. They perform Rolling on a River in wheelchairs, plagiarised from the New Directions, despite looking more like they should be rolling with their homies instead. If Mercedes’ family tree has a bad branch, this is it. So many oversized accessories…


Eve guest stars, presumably because Lil’ Kim wasn’t available. Whatever the motivation for getting a female rapper to head up a reform school, she looks smoking in smokey blue and stoney grey, and I have big love for anyone who matches their eyeshadow to their blouse.


This is Dalton Rumba (seriously), a deaf headteacher who dresses like a Paul Smith pin-up and enjoys a pretzel. I love everything about him, from his Malcolm X glasses to his striped bowtie to his fawn blazer.


Did I mention Sue leaked McKinley’s set list? This is certainly her most diabolical tracksuit.


Judging the show choir competition are three of the funniest people you will ever meet: the amazing Anna Camp, who dresses like a Barbie and plays the ditz extraordinaire.


Rod Remington, a man with a plan — a fashionable plan — in an apricot silk tie and matching pocket square.

Will Schuester, take note. Men of the world, take note.


And lastly…I don’t know who this lady is, but I wouldn’t want to meet her on a dark night, not with those crazy eyes. That said, her textured blazer provides a lovely contrast to the top beneath and the pale colour is wonderful with her skintone.


And now, for the one I’ve been saving. All hail Principal Figgins.

He’s just everything you want in a man. He clashes different patterns with his vest, shirt, jacket. He knows how to add just the right dash of je ne sais quoi with that claret coloured tie. He doesn’t buy a three piece suit, he makes his own.

Also, he’s the spitting image of my dearly departed granddad, so I adore him.


I’m just going to leave this here.