Part 2 of 3: Advanced Placement Passion

Emma certainly looks like a bride, doesn’t she? The high, virginal collar, the pretty white embroidery, the seraphic orchids in the background?


…and this is her groom. This is the only picture of him I could get, and he’s dressed like a bumblebee.


Who wouldn’t choose this face, instead? Admittedly, this face thought a drab grey shirt and a drab grey tie were a good idea, but he’s so cute!


I mean, but he’s not cute in the slighest! A shirt without a tie is like a broken pencil: pointless. And, deep inside that collarless, charmless brown jacket, I think Will knows that.


Maybe Emma will set him right?

Um…the Emmasaurus Rex looks darling in one of a never-ending supply of tie-necked blouses, beefed up with a bright red coat which somehow doesn’t clash with her hair. How?!


Terri turns up for one last hurrah in yet another carmine hue (not salmon, which is strange for her). Her deep cleavage is now only mildly inappropriate, as she’s no longer pretending to be pregnant.


Cleavage or no cleavage, Will rushes to Ken and Emma’s wedding, not to stop it, but just to be useless and look dapper. A nicely cut suit will do wonders for a man, and this one makes Matthew Morrison not seem scruffy, which is no mean feat. In fact, he’s rather handsome.


A refresher course in Emma’s beautiful, Audrey Hepburn inspired wedding dress. Sigh.


Then this happens.


Then this happens.


Emma’s leaving McKinley forever and Will is somehow alright about it?! Sure, Sue just got suspended and sure, his current shirt/sweater combo makes good use of the beautiful thing that is blue and grey, but that is no excuse for callousness!


Especially when Emma looks so lovely in green and cream, backlit by some enterprising set designer?

Let’s get a closer look at that beret, shall we?


Close enough?


Close enough.