Here’s What You Missed on Glee: Mr. Schue deems it a Wonder-ful week — Rachel got a second callback for Funny Girl, Schue and Emma are slated to get married (second time’s the charm), Brittany was accepted into MIT (wut?), and Tina got into vet school. As for the other NYC kids, Santana was nowhere to be seen (boo!) and Kurt developed little rituals as a way of coping with his father’s cancer. Kurt heads back to Lima with Mike and Mercedes, who were enlisted by Mr. Shue to help the Glee kids for Sectionals. Remember when Mr. Schue taught the Glee club on his own? Yeah, me neither. Artie got into film school, and Kitty (of all people) was the one who helped Artie realize that it’s okay to leave home and pursue your dreams. Oh, and Blaine decided he wanted to marry Kurt. #RachelAndFinnPartTwo


Best Abs

You thought it was Brody, didn’t you? But we agree with Rachel — Cassie July’s are better. And she probably knows it too, if her plethora of crop tops (the one on the left is by VPL) are anything to go by.


Best Outfit

It’s always a treat when the Cheerios are out of uniform, and Kitty does not disappoint in this summery ensemble. So fresh! So adorable! Yet it’s not overly matchy. Are you taking notes?



And the runner up… Artie’s lemon yellow hot-air balloon sweater. With a collared shirt underneath, of course. I’m torn between hating the sweater because five-year-old me probably wore a similar one, or absolutely loving it because it is just so freakin’ darling.


Actually, all the Glee kids looked pretty darn cute in their performance of Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life”. I mean, sure, the overall effect is a little Brady Bunch, but the individual looks are genius.

BTW, have you ever noticed the ridiculousness of the custom sets on this show?

Will: Hey, I need a sunny, 1970s set. Can your set guys build it?
Drama Club Sponsor: Sure! Is this for a concert?
Will: No, it’s just for one number.
DCS: You’re…doing a video? Submitting it for a big contest, maybe?
Will: Nah, it’s just for ourselves. We’ll be singing to an empty auditorium. No cameras.
DCS: …


Rachel’s Cassandra’s Melodramatic Solo of the Week

Rachel’s MSotW was replaced by Ms. July’s rendition of “Uptight”, which was part of a surprisingly sweet NYADA show of support for Rachel. Done in a teeny black number, and fab black t-strap heels, of course. Rachel was in her typical skirt and leotard, with what is quickly becoming her trademark — a cashmere sweater.


Also noteworthy – Rachel in jeans! NYC really is changing her.


Least Compelling Plotline

Mercedes’ record deal dramz. Le yawn. Also boring? Her cropped moto jackets and printed tees.


She needs to borrow something from Unique’s closet, because girlfriend is killing it. This combination of mint and grape purple is varsity-level.

And those shoes! Rarely is Unique ever in flats, with an enviable collection ranging from the black platforms above to the red ankle boots below.

If she keeps this up, she could totally hang out with the Pretty Little Liars “I wear 3 inches or I wear nothing” club. Hey, speaking of cross-over ideas…


Most Nolan Ross-esque Moment

Artie’s double collared shirts. Adorbs, and totally Hamptons-worthy. If only he’d popped the collars as well!

Come to think of it, I can picture Artie moving to NYC and becoming the next villian on Revenge: Film school student by day, The Initiative evil-doer by night. Tell me you see it, too.


Tina’s 60s Dress of the Week

Aaaand we’re back to mod 60s dresses for T. This confirms that the steampunk was just a passing fancy, although I do love this dress. That zipper detail? Yes.


Most Color-Coordinated

Too matchy? Possibly, but Mike’s color-coordination is totally on point. The neon yellow trim of his Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater matches the accents on his tee…and the laces on his sneakers. Respect.


Biggest Neckwear Fan

No, it’s not Chuck Bass. Kurt went all-out this episode, pairing a mustard shirt and grey jeans with a purple scarf. I’m assuming that airplane pin is standard Kurt Hummel travel attire.


From scarves to neckerchiefs, Kurt dons a jaunty hat and moss green jeans. I give Kurt snaps for resisting the all-black NYC uniform, as we see with his print shirt, perfectly coordinated with his jeans and copper belt. You stay true to your roots, son!

All-in-all, a stylishly solid episode. Predictions for next week: Rachel gets her first Broadway disappointment, but wears gorgeous sweaters throughout. Kurt continues his love affair with scarves and neckerchiefs, while Blaine still considers marriage. Oh, and Tina will wear a 60s dress.