What Mindy Wore to Work Out

Mindy took on a lot of heavy stuff this week — helping Danny and his ex-wife get back together, contemplating a conversion to Christianity, and running in a triathlon. Ok, so the last part didn’t actually happen, but she definitely prepped for it (i.e. mostly talked about it), which still deserves props in my book. I mean, the girl ran so hard she threw up! I give her even more props for her outifts being cuter than Chloe Sevigny’s. Well, except for that rockin’ jacket CS wore…ok, Mindy’s outfits were at least AS cute and that’s still saying something!


Speaking of cute, this episode opens with a whole lot of it — Mindy doing sit-ups on a blanket in the park, while her adorbs Pastor boyfriend spots her. You know what I spotted? LEGGINGSWITHHEARTSONTHEKNEESOMG!! 

Whenever I see pieces like this I wonder why I do not own them and vow to track them down as soon as I can. Then when I do, half the time I say “screw it” when I see the shipping cost to Canada. Anyhoo, if I wore an outfit like this I might actually enjoy working out. Also, if I had a dreamy workout buddy like Casey I might actually enjoy working out.


Just as I was dying over those amazeballs leggings, Mindy shows up in this pink t-shirt that is also perfect for my closet.

This is SO true. Nothing gets my heart racing like a cute new outfit. And heart racing = cardio, right?


Dr. L is back in work mode here in a smokin’ Trina Turk dress and kick-ass earrings, as per usual – these in my fav colour – YELLOW!

The yellow and blue look lovely together and the earrings perfectly match the jeweled collar at the top of the dress. But Minds, why do you look so concerned? If it’s because your co-workers are making you do a triathlon, then I so don’t blame you. Those events are cray! You have to be, like, super-Olympic-champion fit, and I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to eat cookies, like, ever. I say NO THANKS to that noise.


But perhaps Mindy was concerned because Chloe Sevigny (aka. Danny’s ex-wife, but mostly I think of her as Chloe Sevigny) is back and shoving her cool, birdlike self into your bidness. I mean, her haircut is pretty gorg and so is this jacket with leather sleeves.

I could never pull off this mannish, Balenciaga-esque look, but CS works it. The hair is so nonchalantly tousled in that way that I wish my hair would be (NEVER happens), and I can’t even with her bone structure and porcelain skin.


But Mindy, you’re workin’ a leather jacket look, too! Check you out in your super-chic trench coat:

And you’re eating at a food truck – totally giving Chloe a run for her money in the hipster department. Way to show her that the doctor’s in the house.


Although, we wouldn’t know Mindy’s a doctor later when she crashes Pastor Cutey’s bible study class — she looks more like one of his pre-teen pupils, what with the purple backpack, bubble-gum pink accessories, and withering look dripping with contempt.

Bitch, please.

That little Chanel purse is pretty awesome, though. Yet another thing I want to add to my closet but can’t, as I’m fairly certain it costs like 1/4 of my salary for the entire year. I can’t really tell what the print on her dress is (flamingos? triangles?) but whatever it is, I like it. And cinching the tiny waist with the slim belt was definitely a good choice.



Running that 9 minute mile, though? Not one of your best choices, Doc.


Morgan also made a questionable choice this week — going to work for the midwives (dun, dun DUUUUUUN!!!). Although, I wasn’t as upset when I realized they were forming a boy band:

See? Is anyone else as excited about this development as I am? Quiet, Chloe. You’re already cool, you don’t need to try hard like I do.