The Americans

Oh, honey. So this week, Philip cemented his fake relationship with Martha (and convinced her to bug her FBI boss’s office) by agreeing to marry her. Like, that day. After the worlds shortest engagement, they had the world’s most awkward wedding, featuring Elizabeth and Granny as Philip’s fake family members/witnesses. Even a desperate singleton like Martha had to have been a little sad about this courthouse wedding. At least she was working the retro 80s glamour with this baby blue dress (and matching blue eyeshadow). Too bad she’s not allowed to tell anyone they got married, or live together. Also, shame how the entire thing is just a lie to get her to betray her country. Oh, honey. — Ann Foster



This week Sherlock and Watson try to solve the mystery of Watson’s dress. Where did the shoulders go? Why are the sleeves half made of lace? Is it a shirt dress gone horribly wrong? Unfortunately, it’s a mystery that will remain unsolved. Much like why Sherlock is determined to hide how hot he actually is behind shirts buttoned too high. — Lesley-Anne Steeleworthy



Seeing as Liv spent 95% of this week’s episode in a hospital gown, it was time for Abby to step up her fashion game. She stoically took on the responsibilities of helping a distraught Huck AND dressing to impress. Abby’s speech to Huck left much to be desired, but her 60s inspired hair paired with peasant-style top and high-waisted skirt truly hit the mark. Abby, keep showcasing this style, and I’ll listen to your depressing pep talks anytime.
— Terry Beasley