A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Man, the 60s were tough. The Sterling Cooper gang (and Peggy) are at an awards dinner when the news breaks that Martin Luther King Jr. has been assassinated. It’s pretty much as awful and heartbreaking as you’d expect, although what’s really striking is the awkward detachment of all our main characters (especially when Don, Joan and Peggy are trying to relate to their African-American employees). In an unexpected turn of events, we finally get some insight into the enigma that is Bobby Draper. Oh, and Ginsberg gets set up on the world’s most awkward date and cements himself as a classic character by admitting that he’s a virgin — a confession he immediately follows by saying, “What am I doing? I ordered soup, I just said that…”


Few things are as exciting than an awards banquet on Mad Men. Most of the other shows we cover here at YKYLF have a weekly soiree which basically requires formalwear (or, in the case of The Lying Game, daytime glamor). But most of the time, Mad Men sticks to businesswear. So it’s a rare treat when we get to see our favorite SCD(R.I.P.P.) characters all dressed up for a night on the town. The men don’t forge any brave sartorial paths with their tuxes, but the women … well, that’s a whole other story.

It’s a good thing Joan was seated so far away from the stage. With Joan in a dress like this, Paul Newman wouldn’t have stood a chance. The color is regal, the cut is lethal — essentially, Joan is divine, and one day baby Kevin’s daughter will see this photo and pray that Grandma Joan saved the dress.


On the other hand, Peggy’s grandaughter will probably find this in Peggy’s closet, and she will cringe while Peggy argues that it was “very stylish, back in the day.”

This dress is so very Peggy. Remember that time Peggy thought Abe was going to propose to her, so she wore a giant pink bow dress? This is somehow a more grownup version of that dress. So, I guess yay that she’s growing up, but can she please grow out of the Laura Ashley look already? I feel like all this dress is missing are a pair of white gloves and an Easter basket.


Wearing all the colors of that Easter basket is Megan Draper, looking every bit the tv star she’s become. Sure, Joan was sexy and all, but no one looks as straight-up glamorous as Megan.

Although, I did have to do a quick check to make sure this wasn’t the same dress she’d worn for the swingers dinner last week. It’s not, although the colors and patterns are terribly similar. But it’s easy to tell the difference afer a quick check between last week’s sleek mod dress and this week’s dress, with its “I Dream of Jeannie” sleeves.




And the sleeves. Oh, the sleeves! Janie Bryant added sleeves and beading to the dress.

Basically: Janie Bryant is a genius. End of story.


For the vigil in the park, Megan wears a leather duster that is totally appropriate for a city descending into total chaos.

Sally, after your dad and Megan get divorced, stay friends with Megan. If we can’t borrow Megan’s coat, please do it on our behalf one day.


Megan wraps up the episode learning some ugly truths about Don (like how he’s dead inside, which, duh).

I don’t know how Megan’s keeping it together. Her husband is one dead puppy away from total sociopath. She has a job where her employers want to make her the meat in a middle-aged swinger sandwich. She had a miscarriage and couldn’t tell her husband about it because deep down she knows he’s dead inside. And yet she manages to look awesome in this stunning tangerine nightgown, without any makeup on. If I didn’t feel so bad for her, I’d hate Megan.


Unrelated, but I need a forum to share this: does anyone else think Jon Hamm looks like Fred Flintstone?

A really, really handsome Fred Flintstone?


Ginsberg’s dad played Yenta and set him up on a date with a Nice Jewish Girl. The date is awkward and charming, and I’m really hoping this isn’t the last we see of Ginsberg’s date.

I’m so glad they styled her like this — young, hip, stylish. The hair is big, the dress is mod, and look at how much leg she’s showing! She’s actually trying for this date, and poor Ginsberg ordered soup.


I’m just starting to notice how many blue dresses are in this episode. Even Sally gets in on it with this blue turtleneck under her jumper.

The chain straps are such a great detail. This jumper makes me a little sad for Sally, that she’s not coming of age in the late 80s/early 90s. How much would she love the punk and grunge scenes? Can’t you see her in flannels, a ripped pair of tights, and some scuffed-up Docs?


Sylvia’s gone for most of the episode, but she’s very present once the riots start, as Don worries about her safety (she’s in DC). The only time we see Sylvia is at the top of the episode, wearing this fantastic coat.

That zebra stripe collar is just too chic. The whole look is so very wealthy and Upper East Side (I bet Cece Rhodes would have owned a coat like this in her younger days). And yet, I can’t help but be reminded of something else when I see this much red on Mad Men: Don’s brothel-based childhood, as seen in the premiere episode.