This week on WRECK-IT RALPH REVENGE(!!!): So… remember The Fa1c0n? The world’s most terrifying and dangerous hacker? Emily and Nolan totally outsmart and destroy her with Scooby-Doo level scheming. She’s like the hacker version of when Declan tried to be a cat burglar. Meanwhile, Jack’s spending his time scheming with Ashley, plotting the Graysons’ demise like a brunette version of Ems and Nolan. Daniel proposes to Emily and it is 100% less romantic than the first time. Oh and, right on schedule, Charlotte begins Downward Spiral v2.0 with an assist from her new badass classmate. Plus, we learn Victoria traded her firstborn, Patrick, for Parisian art school. Not having met him yet, I can’t judge whether or not that was the right choice.


Emily’s Target
Emily graciously let Nolan give the Red Sharpie treatment to The Falcon, in maybe the most twisted demonstration of friendship ever.

Gala of the Week
I think we may need to change this to “Political Soiree of the Week” as yet another of Connie’s political junkets brings out the formalwear.

Best Dressed
Emily came back from hiatus just as ferosh as ever in this bodycon blue dress with funky neckline detail.

Most Soapy Moment
When Nolan meets The Falcon and **gasp** she’s a PRETTY GIRL! All that was missing was her dramatically pulling off a motorcycle helmet and shaking out her hair.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 
I didn’t see any. #sadface


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