So here’s what you missed on Glee: The power went out at McKinley, and apparently these kids carry flashlights and miner’s helmets around in their backpacks. Ryder and Kitty bond over their mutual confessions about being molested in the past. The kids do some refreshing a cappella and acoustic numbers for once. Out in New York, Isabelle is back (!!!), and the crew head to the ballet, ball gowns and all. We see mini-Rachel, Kurt and Santana ballerinas, which leads to Santana finally engaging in something other than meddling in other peoples lives (but isn’t that what we love most about her?)


Least Likely to do a Fashion Montage

Will… ugh. Seriously, you bore me. It’s always just a slight variation of this:

Honestly. It’s like you raided your Grandpa’s closet. Stop. Please.


Most Likely to Show Her Macaron

Whoah, Santana! Always inappropriate for winter/spring in New York, Santana drags an old chair into the loft in a nearly macaron-baring bandage dress by McQ Alexander McQueen

The pattern rocks, as does the cropped leather jacket. This girl has some bitchin’ outerwear. Who else could pull this off? I do wonder how she got that chair upstairs though… is there an elevator in the building? She could barely drag it.


Rachel and Kurt are not dressed in their best casualwear to counsel Santana for the umpteenth time. 

Rachel is a bit blah, but I do with I could see her skirt — maybe that would redeem her? Hair and makeup are amazing for lounging around the house, though. I think I would like Kurt’s outfit better without the scarf. It seems a little too feminine for him. I must, however, give mad props for matching the mint jeans to the windows.


Best Cameo

SJP, thank god you showed up. 

Isabelle is back, and back with a vengeance! This dress. Oh, this dress is glorious and I wish I could get a better picture of it. It fits her like a glove, and the colors are to die for. I bow down to the master.


Best House Wear

Kurt invites Rachel and Santana to the ballet wearing his most profesh red tie and matching trousers. His pocket square (?) is a little out of control though. I’ll give you a pass on that though, Kurt. Rachel decides to match Kurt in her red pleather skirt and while I don’t fully approve of that, I’m kind of lusting after Rachel’s bird print blouse.

True story — I’m terrified of birds, but I love bird print. On everything. So this black and yellow number is right up my alley (though I would never cook in it).


Santana is, once again, wearing a blousy tank in the early spring in New York. Obvs.

This print is beautiful, though, and the color totally compliments her skin tone. I wish I could have seen the rest of what she’s wearing, but alas, we only see from the waist up.


Best Twinsies (and Musical Number)

Obviously the twinsies award goes to Sue and Becky. How does Becky get these matching outfits and know to wear them at the same time as her mentor? Does Sue send them to her and give her a track suit schedule?

I love how this top softens her look. Sue is so sweet with Becky, too — I’m glad she’s still hanging around even though she took the fall for Becky in the whole gun incident from the “Shooting Star” episode. Sue continues on to sing a rendition of “Little Girls” from Annie, one of my faves. Did anyone notice how Sue’s mother was played by Carol Burnett, and she played Mrs. Hannigan in the movie version of Annie? No? Just me then.


Rachel’s Santana’s Melodramatic Solo Duet Trio Quartet of the Week

Phew! At the ballet, Kurt, Rachel and Santana show up looking stunning in their designer gear. 

Kurt is wearing a pretty standard tux, but I’m really loving this New York hair he has going on. It should definitely stick around. Rachel’s dress is beautiful. Like, fairy princess/Good Witch of the North gorgeous. I’m not entirely sure what the color of the dress is, but the bodice has the perfect amount of bling, and she matches it with a sparkly headband and soft wavy hair. And Santana. I have honestly never seen her look so soft and graceful. The perfect vulnerability metaphor. The cut-out bodice of her Badgley Mischka gown is perfectly on trend, and the draping falls amazingly. I’m in complete awe.


The whole gang, Isabell included, in her fitted black top and satiny cream skirt, sing a haunting rendition of “At the Ballet” from A Chorous Line. I really wish I could have gotten a good picture of her dress, but about 90% of this episode was shot in near darkness…




Least Interesting Group of People

I suppose I have to mention the McKinley crew…

So here we have back-to-mod Tina, though her shoes are adorbs (boo…I was so hoping for more steampunk nonsense), grandpa sweater Artie, generic Sam, Blaine (finally, someone bringing it with some style with the color-blocked cardi, rolled jeans, brogues, and straw hat) then back to blah with generic couple Marley and Jake, Cheerio Kitty, Unique looking kinda boring for her, and generic Ryder. Do you think there’s some kind of contract that the show has with American Apparel?


Another group shot. I actually really love Tina’s dress, for a change. The colors are awesome, and her brogues are fantastic. I wish it had a bit more shape, but I’ll take what I can get. Blaine is a dream, as per usual, with his adorable bow tie and mustard trousers.

But check out (the partially obscured) Unique with the bold color combo! Mint and coral with polka dot jeans and camel colored boots — this is my go to when I can get it together to leave the house.


My big surprise of the show is Marley, actually rocking a look that I would wear (two weeks in a row!).

I really wish I could have gotten a better picture of it, but this red bird print (again!!) dress, and jean vest is kind of my jam. I would totally wear this, and probably not look as good. I definitely wouldn’t sing as well.


Best Workout Gear

Speaking of things I could never wear…

As we saw with the earlier blouse, royal blue does wonders on Santana. A nice bit of sparkle on the shoulder… lovely. Glad that she’s finally getting her stuff together and doing something other than cage dancing/letting strangers grope her for cash.

So what do we think kids? Will Ryder finally meet Katie? Will we ever hear news of Rachel’s Funny Girl call back? Will another disaster befall McKinley?