Mr Selfridge

This week, Harry’s philandering and partying ways caught up with him in a spectacular auto accident, just after he was accosted by his former lady love, Ellen Love. Sure, she may have been doped up and pathetically groveling at Harry’s feet, but she looked fab from the neck down in this timeless black sequined gown accented with an opal necklace and earrings. Opals are bad luck, Ellen…didn’t anyone ever tell you that? Then again, it’s probably your behavior and not your jewelry that have landed you in such a mess. Just a hunch. — Jen Luby


Project Runway

As this is Part I of this season’s finale, i.e. the one with the full collections, you’d think I would pick one of the designers’ creations as my fave of the week. But no. As soon as I saw this cat-head brooch on Michelle, all the other outfits disappeared from my memory. Ask anyone who has talked to me longer than 5 minutes — I am a crazy cat lady, not to mention a lover of quirky accessories. What about the rest of her outfit? Who CARES?! Cat. Brooch, people. This girl could do an entire collection just based on this brooch and I would buy every piece. Here’s my tip for making it work, Michelle – just stick this cat’s head on every outfit you show at Lincoln Center and you’ll be sure to win the whole thing! — Kim Humes


Vampire Diaries

Guess what, guys? It’s prom season in Mystic Falls! And with any prom comes dress drama. Elena may have stolen Caroline’s first dress (that gorgeous Theia gown at right) but Caroline has her very own fairy godmother — Klaus. And Klaus definitely succeeded in fulfilling Caroline’s wish for a dress “fit for a Princess”. The seed pearls, intricate beading and mermaid tulle skirt are gorgeous, and suit Caroline even better than her old gown. Suck it, Elena.
— Steph Au