Guilty Pleasures

If the season opener had a running theme of death and mortality, this week’s episode had motif of guilty infidelity. (You say that’s every episode? Yes, I agree.) Don continues sleeping with his neighbor Sylvia, Pete hooks up with his cute blonde neighbor Brenda, and Peggy feels like she’s cheated on Stan by revealing SCDP secrets to Ted. Meanwhile: Bob Benson is still trying to squirm his way into the family portraits, Joan is fierce and stoic (even when what’s-his-name from Jaguar says some gross stuff to her) and Don has childhood flashbacks when he and his mother moved into the “boarding house” (coughBROTHELcough) owned by his aunt and uncle. At one point we’re treated to a glimpse through a keyhole of Don’s very pregnant mama about to get it on with Don’s sleazy uncle. Gross.


I gotta admit it’s nice to see Alison Brie (Trudy) back on the show. It’s been ages! She looks sweet and put together in this gold and green floral number, although the sleeves are definitely odd and her hair seems half-done.

Snaps for the drapey neckline though, and she wears green and gold like nobody’s business.


Later on we catch her another dress with flattering colors but odd styling. This time she’s in a slim rust and crimson paisley dress that appears to be wishing it were a cheongsam, yet not really pulling it off. But then I remember that we’re heading into the 1970s and it’s no wonder there’s some wacky sartorial choices being made. Ahem.


Trudy’s morning-after-she-discovered-Pete’s-infidelity dress is a basic shirtdress style thing with wide stripes in green and… beige? Tan? Quite homey and boring, but maybe that was the point. She fights the normality of the outfit with a bold red lip, impeccable hair, and fightin’ words: “I am putting a fifty mile radius around this house and if you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you.” Get out of the kitchen, Pete. Ain’t nobody can stand that kinda heat.


Sooo the real question is… How many seasons will it take for Pete to realize how actually stupid he is? Don’t know, but I rather like his bold maroon-and-blue tie.

These diagonal stripes are super en vogue apparently, because all of the men seem to sport them lately…


Example B. Don’s tie reminds me a bit more of Captain America than Ad Man, but it’s definitely a nice change from the same old same old.


Behold, the object of Pete’s current idiocy: girl-next-door Brenda. She’s sweet and sort of unassuming in a patterned coat that looks like it could have come from modern-day Anthropologie.


But when B shows up at Pete’s Manhattan pied-à-terre, she’s much more Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Although “Mistress” doesn’t seem to be playing a role she’s quite suited for, she looks pretty darn good in a leggy black dress, jaunty hat, simple broach, and perfectly curled tendrils of hair falling down along her face.

She reminds me a little of a would-be Broadway chorus girl facing the casting couch — eager, but not at all mentally prepared for what she thinks she wants.


On the other end of the ingenue-diva spectrum, we have everyone’s favorite curvy redhead. Joan is poised and cool as a cucumber in navy and red, even when faced with What’s-His-Name from Jaguar (y’know, the dude she slept with to land the account last season?). Although this isn’t her most fashion forward ensemble, it still works, and DANG her hair looks good.

Don’s sights are currently set on Sylvia Rosen, wife of his neighbor Dr. Rosen. She is rockin’ the voluminous ‘do, but so far her outfits haven’t done much for me. This blue dress is nice but a little plain for the wife of a well-to-do Manhattan doctor.


Sylvia’s dinner outing gown is much nicer, however, with a lovely shimmer to it. And a demure pink lip with come-hither lashes is a one-two punch for Don.

Sylvia accessorizes with some dazzling drop crystal earrings and a guilty conscious, courtesy of all the time she’s been spending with Megan.


Speaking of Megan, all of my personal sartorial instincts tell me I should hate this outfit, yet I absolutely don’t. I love that it looks a bit like something a man would wear golfing. I love the green, and the oversized lapels. I love the weird plaid pants. She looks effortlessly kind of bold, in a green-and-plaid Katherine Hepburn sort of way, I think.




Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Peggy has been exploring the world of jewel tones, which is a welcome change from previous seasons.

I approve of this green coat a whole lot. Much more so than the navy sweater with the cream-colored Peter Pan collar underneath.

Pegs, Peter Pan collars do not say “woman in charge”, they say “can I get you anything else, Mr. Executive?”


But then…oooh la la, Peggy! What on earth possessed you to purchase something so wild, so risqué, so… fun!? The bright purple is awesome and the abstract pattern on the bow is so unusual for her, and I dig it. (Also props to whoever pressed that bow within an inch of its life… it ain’t goin’ ANYWHERE!)

This pairing is also bold and refreshing. Maybe purple is Peggy’s new power color?

All-in-all, I’m starting to think that Peggy adores her bows and collars about as much as Emma on Glee loves hers. Will this trend continue? Stay tuned.