What Mindy Wore to Rehab

This week, Mindy and her boys head to a medical conference in Sante Fe. While Jeremy and Morgan are focused on Jeremy’s presentation, Mindy’s thoughts center on her ex, Josh, who wants to meet up with her while she’s in town. But finding him in rehab for cocaine addiction wasn’t even the episode’s biggest surprise…


So, despite last week’s male escort incident, Mindy’s still with Pastor Casey, her Cool Christian Boyfriend. They’re clearly still in the early stages of a relationship, because she’s serving up her sleepwear A-game in this CRAZYADORBS perfume-bottle tee:

Where does one find such a shirt? #askingforafriend

Oh, and have we had a chance yet to discuss her comforter? Because BEHOLD:

The birds, the branches, the comfy heavy weight of it… you can tell you’d have a great night’s sleep in that blanket. And then you get to wake up in it, too! If Pastor Casey knows what’s good for him, he’ll hang out with Mindy at least long enough to find out where she picked this up from.


But we’re just getting started, fashionwise because this episode marked the best thing Mindy has EVER WORN ON THIS SHOW. Presenting… the lemon dress.

Jaw. Drops.



I may have gasped a little when I saw this appear on my TV. Let’s break it down: we’ve got this hyper-realistic lemon pattern in Mindy’s signature bright hues, paired with the to-die-for aubergine cardi AND skinny yellow belt. But not only are the colours and patterns gorg, but the cut of the dress is 100% Megan Draper late 1960s faboosh:

And I haven’t even mentioned the yellow bag (ANOTHER BIRKIN??) or matching earrings. Girlfriend is KILLING IT. Though that hemline and fabric don’t seem particularly ideal for a cross-country airplane trip…

Meh, if I’d just bought that dress, I’d wear it everywhere, too.


While in Santa Fe, Mindy puts on one of her rare misses in this red sailboat button-down, red skirt, and navy cardi combo.

A cross-body bag? Really? This is how you plan to meet up with the ex who did you so very wrong? Personally, I’d have gone with the red outfit for plane travel, and the lemons for the meeting with Josh. She could have been all “SUCK ON THIS, JOSH!” but oh well.

I’m also of mixed feelings for her over-age Lolita sunnies. 

And I’m questioning her taste in snack food.


Mindy adds a touch of whimsy when she goes overboard in a Sante Fe gas station gift shop:

The poncho may be overkill (though I like how the costumers left the price tag visible), but then she adds the headband and it’s so over the top I kinda love it. Except she’s still wearing the cross-body bag. DITCH THE BAG, MINDY.


She gets some closure with Josh in rehab when she realizes just precisely how he done her wrong (three other secret girlfriends?), but her mind is blown when Josh suggests that he thought Mindy and Danny would make a good couple.

Possibly thrown by this revelation (or possibly having learned her lesson about appropriate airline attire), Mindy dresses for comfort on the return trip. 

J’adore this upside-down Eiffel Tower shirt, which I suspect she may have gotten at the same place as the pink perfume bottle from earlier. “Buy 1 Parisian-style tee, get 1 free!”

When you combine her sweet convos with Danny in Santa Fe, Josh’s suggestion she should date Danny, and a little turbulance, you get…

Something like first base in the Mile High Club.


But because this is a TV show in its first season, you know the road to luuurve isn’t going to go smoothly between Mindy and Danny. Something needs to come between their burgeoning feelings. Something like CHLOE EFFING SEVIGNY!!!

AKA Danny’s ex-wife, Christina, AKA The woman with the haircut I suddenly want. And she’s serving up flawless 3/4 length sleeve LBD realness.


Even Mindy and her peach top are like, “WHAAA?”

Yeah. You may want to rethink the cross-body bag. Now that Chloe Effing Sevigny Christina’s in town, I’m fairly sure the fashionz are about to go SUPERNOVA!