Part 2 of 2: A Festivus for the Rest of Us: Brooklyn, the ‘Burbs and CGC

While the Drapers are basking in the sun, the Draper youngins are stuck in suburbia with the Francis fam. After an eventful night at the ballet, the whole family reunites in the warmth of their Christmasy home. Sally’s dress is so cute and age-appropriate. Snaps for the bold cobalt and lace detailng. Betty’s ivory brocade dress is beautiful, too and definitely flattering for a woman who needs to “reduce”.

Henry is a bit Bing Crosby here, no? I was waiting for Marjorie Reynolds to pop out and sing “White Christmas” with him. His mother looks every bit the spinster mother-in-law in her fur coat and hat. Best line of the night: “Give the ticket to Henry, he’ll take care of it.” “You know how I take care of them, Mom? I pay them.” That’s passive take down, if I’ve ever heard one.


I like how that dress Betty in layers and babydoll nighties to make her look bigger. This is adorbs though. Pink is her color. If only she didn’t ruin it by opening her mouth and spewing all that talk about raping their 15 year old house guest. Creepy.


Unable to sleep, Betty has a heart to heart with Sandy about moving to the big city and communal living (like she wasn’t just telling her husband to rape the kid…). At least her housecoat looks comfy. Like a bedspread.


Sandy takes off (despite Betty’s super convincing spiel about how hard life as a struggling artist in NYC can be) to St. Mark’s, and Betty follows in pursuit. Sigh. She couldn’t stand out more if she tried. Did she try? Apparently, Betty has aged 20 years since last season.


Yeah, I’d have that look on my face if my step-dad was still wearing his Christmas sweater this close to the New Year’s too, Sally. Seriously, Henry. Ditch it until next year. Maybe not even then.


Hey now! After a fleeting insult at the commune, Betty decides to change her hair color, and it seems to have given a boost to her self confidence. The aubergine tweed dress is so sumptuous, I just want to touch it. Lose the pearls though, Betty. Sixty-five, you are not.


Back in Brooklyn, Peggy is simply ridiculous in these knee high stockings. No. Never. It’s full tights, or none at all. I do, however, like the way her yellow telephone brightens up her ensemble. You don’t mind dealing with a crisis on Christmas Eve, right Pegs?


Peggy’s work wear is fabulous though. Way to bring it back around. That same scarf looks so much brighter with a gorgeous emerald wool coat, and the detailing on her dress is amazing as well. Those buttons and pockets? I die.


The next work outfit is cute, too. It fits more into her age group, I think, but doesn’t make her look as powerful. Like a school girl, or an intern. Regardless, the color is nice on her, and I love me a tartan jumper.


Crisis averted, Peggy shows Ted her newest idea in her matronly coat and the usual scarf, while Ted is dapper in his tux. It’s New Years Eve, for god’s sake, Peggy. Live a little.

And by that, I don’t mean “bed your boss”. That never works out well.


So what are we up for next time, kids? A Peggy/Ted affair? Don being less morbid? Betty losing weight? An actual storyline for Joan? Can’t wait to unravel this one.