Part 1 of 2: Sun, Sand and NYC

We’re back! Confused? A few of us around the YKYLF staff room were as well, but let’s peel the onion, shall we? Don and Megan go to Waikiki to do a little schmoozing, get their bronze on, and make everyone still sitting in the cold (like me) very, very jealous. Don wrestles with the idea of death through various outlets including a) the trip to Hawaii and b) the subsequent sales pitch, c) the funeral service for Roger’s mother, and d) his doorman’s recent near-death experience of his doorman, who was brought back to life by Don’s neighbor/newest idol, Doctor Rosen. Megan is living the dream in both wardrobe and as a newly appointed soap star. Peggy is kicking ass and taking names at her new job, Pete is still a royal douche, and god knows what Joanie is up to, as we only see her for one glorious purple minute. Roger is in therapy (finally), and the death of his shoe shiner is tis what it takes to bring some real emotion out of him for the first time, well, ever.


Ahh, Waikiki. It’s one of those places that you expect to see beautiful people, so spotting the stunning Don and Megan lounging in the sand comes as no surprise.

Megan’s swimsuit is absolutely adorable, and the color is amazing against her (very) slightly tanned skin. I’m kind of lusting after Don’s sunglasses, too. I wonder if they come in women’s sizes?


I really want Megan’s lacy little beach cover-up and white flowered flip-flops. Who ever looks that chic coming off the beach? I’m always a sandy, disheveled mess, but I guess if I had Don to come back to, I’d step it up a notch, too.


The next morning, after a little side-boob action, Megan slips into a beautiful, and slightly trippy, neglige. Does the woman ever turn it off?


No. The answer is no. After spotting Don on the beach taking part in a small wedding ceremony, she struts her stuff in a purple and citrus peasant blouse with her matching floppy hat and Jackie O sunglasses.

Hawaiian Don (or Don Ho, if you will, har-har) is a breath of fresh air as well. Beige linen suit, with a lei around his neck. Yes, please.


The maxi-dress that Megan wears to the luau is gorge as well. Purple is certainly her color, and the halter neck is perfect with her amazing collarbone. Don looks like he’s about to cut a bitch when Megan dances with the host of the luau, and luckily his hawaiian shirt is made less cray with the addition of his subtly plaid blazer. Way to mix your patterns Don Ho. Must be the tiny bubbles…in the wine…


Back to reality, and our happy couple are weather sppropriate in their winter gear. Don is dapper in his suit and tie. Who doesn’t love a man in a fedora? Megan even splashed on some red lipstick for the occasion and still has some stunning voluminous hair (not to mention the ahhhh-mazing fur hat and coat).

Honestly, who looks this put together after an 11-hour flight? Again, I am usually a disheveled mess.




Home sweet home and Megan has jazzed up some old sofa upholstery into a cute little vest and mini. Only she could pull this off.


Get back to work, Don! He’s wearing the same thing as the night before, but with a different tie. At least we have new employee/brown noser Bob to jazz things up with an olive suit and multi-colored tie.

We’ve also got the rest of the SDCP creative team looking like a big old hot mess, as usual. Guess we know who makes the big bucks, huh?


Speaking of big bucks, Joanie looks like a million of ’em in her purple power suit. I dig the accesories (especially the emerald and gold bracelet), BUT! Note the absence of her pen necklace. I guess that was more of a Secretary Joan thing, whereas Partner Joan doesn’t need such accoutrement.

BTW, way to match your lips to your nails, babe.


Yes, we’re all staring, fellas. Not at you though. Roger looks great in blue, but I’m not a fan of the double breasted jacket (or wearing a blue jacket with grey pants). Pete looks quite good here, for a dirtbag.  Great detailing on the suit, and the matching pocket square/tie combo is lovely.


What in the bejesus has happened to Harry?!? I like your case, but no, no, no, to the rest. Is this his tribute to Roy Orbison? What’s happening here?


Don’s sweet secretary Dawn is adorably profesh in shades of blue. The ruffled tie-neck top adds a touch of glamour to her schoolgirl-ish outfit. She seems capable of holding down the fort — I feel like he might keep this one for a while.


Speaking of feelings, Megan feels badly that she can’t go to Roger’s mother’s funeral, and I feel bad that she’s wearing a ribbed turtleneck. Were those ever popular? Sorry, Meg, I cannot approve.


Later on, at the funeral, Jane stands out against the bevy of biddies in black in a fab dress that is totally appropriate with black tights. Sidebar: Can we please start wearing hats again? Please?? I would want that hat if I wouldn’t look insane wearing it to the supermarket (and I would wear it to the supermarket).


Blah, blah, Roy, and Same-Suit Don, look as they should for the funeral (except for Harry’s tie — though I like it — it’s not really appropriate for a funeral, is it?). Too bad Don’s plastered. I assume that his mind is still wrestling with death?


On to much happier occasions…it’s New Years Eve (aka, my birthday eve — just put that in your diary for later) and Megan is a vision in this silver sparkling number. The detailing in the neck is fantastic, and she even matches her makeup to her outfit. Golf claps for you, my dear. You brought it back in the end.


Oh, hey Grandpa… oh, god, Don? Ugh. Your NYC casualwear is exhausting.

I’ll take Don Ho over this any day.