Hart of Dixie

Mayor Lavon Hayes is trying to make Bluebell a spring break destination (For who? Forrest Gump?) and while I’m tempted to show various pictures of Dr. Hart reliving the wild college days she never had, I will instead focus on her wardrobe. Observe as Zoe bravely sports horizontal stripes on a simple yet striking green top. However, the real fashion gem is her belt — notice how the cream color pops out amongst the dark green top and burgundy pants. So much classier than a Señor Frog’s t-shirt. — Matt Solyst


Mr Selfridge

In a sea of white lace sleeves and prim and pale ribboned hats, Valerie stood out this week in a rather mannish and modern outfit. Her black bowler hat and polka dot tie wink to a gender-bending sensibility that only a French woman working in a NYC ad agency could pull off. I’m certain there are London hipsters who scoured vintage stores for all these pieces (esp. the doctor-style bag), and are rocking them at London’s hottest art openings as we speak. If Val were alive today, she’d be one of those impossibly cool gals on street style blogs and in fashion show front rows. — Kim Humes



Liv watches her SPB (Secret President Boyfriend) declare his love for his wife on national television and then does what any normal girl would do: she picks up some burgers (as if, like Liv eats burgers) and heads over to Noel’s Jake’s apartment. What goes well with burgers? Liv’s modern take on the classic trench. Her trench’s collar and belt could not be more flattering. I’d give up my SPB for that trench in a heartbeat. — Terry Beasley