Part 2 of 3: Daddy Pop

Respect, Ken Tanaka. I support any man who wears such brightly coloured polo shirts and if that were all I were judging you on, you’d get Emma and a selection of free bowties too!


Bride-to-be Emma is blue, literally. Luckily for me, she’s a gorgeous shade of blue with cute buttons on the sleeves and a complimentary floral brooch.


Blue flowers seem to be a theme, and this is where Emma gets into dangerous territory. Embroidered cardigans are great granny wear, but a pale skirt makes this look more light and summery than Sunset Years Retirement Home.


Sue pops in to poop on everyone’s parade by denying the New Directions a place in the yearbook. Her tracksuit isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but her expression…


And now, we return to our scheduled programming.


Or not.


Anyway, Will is blue too. And grey. And bland. A Project Runway/Glee crossover cannot come too soon to save him from himself.


When Will’s not dressing like an older, poorer, less buff Nate Archibald, he goes in for cardigans and coats in grey and brown and confusion at the way his life turned out.


Hopefully Emma can counsel him about the dullness of his personality, dressed as she is as a darling bud of May in white, spring green and dainty daisy accessories.


Her tending loving therapy prompts Will to wear a brighter shade of blue and a dangerous — for him — red and black striped tie, but nothing dramatic.


That is a dramatic tie. Why? BECAUSE I’VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE. There are pinstripes and tiny triangles and that is a tie a pharoah would wear, snaps for Mr Schue!


And Mrs Schue, with her bogus belly? Will snatches it out from beneath this frilled purple number, and I would like him more if he’d snatched her shirt off too, and replaced it with a nicely ironed button-down and a moral compass.


‘I literally have nothing to wear’, by Will Schuester.

This is what recapping your repetitive rear feels like, William.