What Mindy Wore to Danny’s Party

This week, Mindy accidentally brings a prostitute home with her and decides to pull a Richard Gere and “Pretty Woman” him, i.e. put him in nice clothes and take him as a date to Danny’s party. As with everything Mindy tries to do, this backfires and she ends up humiliated in front of a room full of people. Meanwhile, we learn that Danny is quite neurotic about people touching his stuff, smokes when he is stressed and never told Alex about his ex-wife (eek). These doctors need to get their own doctors, preferably of the psychological persuasion, stat.


Mindy may have made an ass of herself this week, but she looked super-cute doing it! First of all, since all of Mindy’s friends are “geriatric, shut-in lame-o’s”, she decides to head out on the town by herself (go girl) wearing this gorg sparkly dress.

Mindy, don’t look so shocked! Of course that dreamy guy is looking at you — you look classy and fashionable and your exotic Indian eyes are beckoning him. But, evidently going out alone and paying for drinks makes you a magnet for male prostitutes, and that’s what the guy turns out to be. See, this is why I never pay for others’s drinks — it’s a slippery slope that leads to STDs. Being cheap can save lives!


The hallmark of a good night out? When you show up to work the next day wearing a completely haphazard outfit and sunglasses that look like cast-offs from Wham’s last video shoot.

I don’t want to talk about it. That’s what this look says.



However, minus the pile of mismatched accessories, this outfit is actually super-cute! Props to Mindy for being able to throw something so adorbs together after the night she had. This polka dot dress looks great on her figure and is the perfect mix of fun and professional for the office.


Unfortunately, a cute dress is not enough to put her night of debauchery behind her, because her street-walkin’ friend shows up at her job demanding to be paid. Dude, how much could you possibly charge for 20 minutes of making out?? I mean I know you have to make a living, but yeesh. At least he admitted that shaking her down for cash at her place of work is skeezy. Anyway, she runs out to the bank machine which is lucky for us, because we then get to see a pretty coat on her person.

We have seen this coat before, but they can show it to me over and over because I love it so much! The blue and orange tweed, the shiny black buttons – slightly mod styling. Mindy may make lots of questionable decisions, but never in terms of coats!


Dr. C (BTW, the “C” is for cantankerous) unwittingly ends up hosting a party at his apartment. Correction, a rager with Morgan throwing chicken wings at everyone and Mindy’s date/pet project playing Norah Jones on the piano. What? Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, Mindy’s prostitute buddy is also an aspiring singer/songwriter. He just rolls in the sack to pay the bills (what were YOU doing it for, Julia Roberts?!). You can imagine how all of this excites Danny, what with his obsessive compulsive ways. He can’t even escape to his own bedroom because Mindy is in there reading his Spanish lit and drinking red wine. Oh, and looking totally smokin’, btw.

This all-black ensemble is super-sleek and the belt adds just the right amount of bling. I can’t tell if this is a shirt, a romper or a dress but I don’t care — I loves it so much I’m willing to overlook the fact that her shoes are clearly too big. With those smarty looking glasses and book she looks like a sexy librarian. Or like one of those broody, intellectual types you see hanging around coffee shops reading well-fingered copies of Proust or something. I’m guessing the “Shopaholic” books would be more Mindy’s speed, though.

What man wouldn’t want to walk into their bedroom and find this, I ask you??


She elevates the outfit to an even higher chic level after leaving the party and donning this camel leather jacket and black leather gloves.

She also had a wicked black clutch covered in gold studs that I, alas, could not get a good shot of. But trust me, it was gorg.

I mean, this outfit is so chic and expensive looking! And the hand on the hip and withering expression really adds to the pretentious vibe this outfit has going on. Another reason why Mr. Prostitute was likely attracted to Mindy — she looks like a rich girl. If I were a rich girl (nananannananananannana), I would walk around like this all the time. And Mindy IS a doctor, so she actually has money, unlike most tv shows where waitresses making minimum wage walk around in $4,000 Cavalli boots (please).

Although, I wouldn’t recommend you ruin any more coworkers parties. That’s…not really cool.