What Jess Wore

The most awkward boob grab leads to the most awkward first date for Jess and Nick. It would have been helpful if Jess knew about the date, not only for the progression of the relationship, but so we could see her in one of her usual adorable dresses. Winston and Schmidt spend the episode trying to sabotage the date, as their whole friendship revolves around Nick. Unfortunately this leads to local hobo “Outside Dave” taking over the bathroom, thus giving the boys something to bond over that didn’t involve Nick and his greasy retro mustache.


The wrestling match between the guys over their mutual phone charger leaves Jess in the background looking casual cool in her turquoise Kate Spade sweater, not-bend-over-proof black skirt and tights. I have to say — our girl knows what colors work on her. As for the guys, they’re wearing zzzzzz……



When Jess goes to tell Cece about her uncomfortable/arousing(?) moment with Nick, she’s wearing her usual A-line periwinkle blue dress with a black belt. Love the little red cardi and dorky/hot girl glasses.



And can I just mention Cece’s top? I long to pull off that shade of yellow, but my pasty-white ass won’t let me.


So, after a cringeworthy ask-out attempt, Nick heads off on his date wearing a decent suit. Have we ever seen him clean up so well??

last week’s recap, and based on the fact that we didn’t document Nick at all (even though it was his dad’s funeral), I’m going with “no”.


The hipster camper Barbie jacket (as fellow YKYLF staffer Kristina aptly deemed it) from the “Cabin” episode makes its return on Jess, along with a nice pair of skinny jeans and camel colored riding boots that I own (though probably a cheaper version). 


It’s unfortunate that her beautiful ex has to show up with a new trophy girl in a stunning tangerine bandage dress. I’m not sure how he attracted that girl with all that hair, though. Oh, right…the cash helps.

Anyway, Jess and Nick never quite resolve their status, which can only bring more of the weirdness for many episodes to come. Hooray?