What Mindy Wore to Church

This week, Mindy was confronted with her own sense of morality when she goes out with a Lutheran minister. She’s cool with his occupation, esp after she sees his sermon (DJ’d by Moby!), but he’s not sure that she’s selfless enough for him. So, as one does, Mindy goes on a field trip with her workmates to provide free gynecological exams in a women’s prison. She may have wound up minus a handful of hair and plus some nail scratches to the face, but it’s enough to convince Pastor Casey to give her another shot.


Mindy starts off the episode coordinating her scarf with a magazine cover. Don’t try and tell me it’s a coincidence because, girl please.


This is pretty much the cutest outfit that’s ever been on public transportation.

The leather panels on the Helmut Lang jacket? The hoop earrings? No wonder Casey couldn’t stop himself from hitting on her. 


For her first date with Pastor Casey (who she didn’t realize is a pastor) Mindy brought out a bright pink bandage dress, similar to the one she wore in the pilot for her date with Ed Helms.

Waaaait a minute. The bodycon dress? The glass of wine? Being kind of a mess yet dating a pastor? Is Mindy taking life lessons from Ashley Marin on Pretty Little Liars?


For workwear, Mindy draws inspiration from a Kindergarten teacher, circa 1945.

Those hot earrings are like little stranded bits of fashionable cuteness in a sea of buttoned-up meh. Even that yellow isn’t as bright as Mindy’s usz. Is she overcompensating, trying to dress more apropos for a pastor’s girlfriend?


That being said, Mindy BRINGS IT for her “going to ensure Pastor Casey isn’t a crazy cult leader” church infiltration ensemble.

As she said, “Haven’t you ever seen a Tyler Perry movie?” This is most def what people wear to church IRL.

I mean, she has literally pulled out all the stops. 

White gloves? Chanel earrings? Rebecca Taylor shift? Check, check, and check.

Except — hold up. This whole “wear an OTT church outfit because you are unfamiliar with church and are going for spying reasons” reminds me of something… something like Sex and the City season 1, episode 12!


And lest you think Mindy’s just working sequins here, au contraire. Her Kate Spade cardigan has mothereffing RHINESTONES on it.

Slow. Clap.


To prove her moral fortitude, Mindy decides to join the rest of the team for some pro bono gynie exams at the women’s prison. In this look, inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year – Emerald!

Love love love the green on green on green, the polka dot puff-sleeve top, and the pops of complementary colours in her scarf. Also the way she’s coordinated her pink mace bottle with her scarf? Mindy brings a whole new meaning to accessorizing.




And then… there was a prison riot and this happened.

Yeah. She lost a giant handful of hair. It will be interesting to see if the show continues on with this hairstyle or is just like, “Oh, yeah, I got extensions, whatever” and never talk about it again.


Though she does her best to work her new “escaped mental patient” hairstyle.

It helps she’s wearing that gorge nautical hoodie. Is that cashmere? …Can I borrow it?


So anyway, it turns out that Pastor Casey’s had a change of heart and asks her to give him another chance. Also he is ADORBSATHON 3000!

Get it, gurl!