Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The best part of RHOBH is that all the ladies are so classy.

April Fools!

The second installment of the reunion show aired last night, and several questionable ensembles appeared. Lisa and Kim, you’re at the top of my list. Lisa must be SUPER busy with Vanderpump Rules — so busy that she couldn’t find a new dress after this one last a battle with a paper shredder. Meanwhile, Kim is obviously channeling her child star roots with a pageant dress a la Honey Boo Boo. Get this girl some go-go juice! Reality misteps aside, Yolanda was (as per usual) the star of the show with her tasteful hair, makeup, and a body-conscious yet age-appropriate dress. Sleep tight, botoxed beauties. We’ll see you next season! — Anne Forman


Say Yes to the Dress

Normally I watch Say Yes to the Dress for the trainwreck dresses – the ones that are bedazzled to high heaven and tacky as all get-out. Or, the Original Flavor SYTTD is, anyway. Contrary to all logic and reason, Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta’s Bridals by Lori has a stunningly well-curated collection of dresses, leaving it up to the brides to bring the tacky. And oh, how they try. But not even this bride, dead-set on wearing a camo sash to her wedding, could trash this gorgeous dress. I love the vintage lace look along the hem, and the bodice’s slight sweetheart neckline is much more flattering than a straight bodice. At the end of the day, the bride’s gimmick didn’t overshadow the dress, but it did give us an excellent Monte bon mot: “Camouflage on a wedding dress? What’s next? Are you going to strap a dead deer to the hood of the limo!?” — Amanda Smith





Mr Selfridge

Sunday night was the stateside premiere of Mr Selfridge, the tale behind the uber-fashionable London department store bearing Harry Gordon Selfridge’s name. For real, we should all thank Harry for revolutionizing the shopping experience. (Which he learned while a partner at Marshall Field’s in Chicago. Go away, Macy’s.) Anywho, I’m giving our first “best outfit” win to socialite/pot-stirrer Lady Mae Loxley for this strikingly seductive aubergine and lace frock. She might be adorned with Gibson Girl hair and sumptuous jewelry, but I’m guessing Lady Mae is no lady. — Jen Luby