This week on PHANTOM OF THE HAMPTONS: Every week is a masquerade for Emily Thorne, but this week, it’s on for reals. Victoria is positively thrilled she’s able to throw their annual Halloween ball again, now that Daniel’s pesky murder charge isn’t in the way of a good party. Padma’s been MIA for six weeks (and dead for less than a day) and it looks like Nolan hasn’t showered in that time. And Secret Victoria Lovechild? Well, Victoria says he was never born, but even Conrad doesn’t buy it after she dramatically collapses after seeing a masked man at the party with a black rose on his lapel, who appears/disappears all Phantom-like.


Emily’s Target
Victoria. That’s what you get for not inviting Ems to a party. 

Gala of the Week
Masquerade! (Anyone else want to burst into some Phantom of the Opera?) This is the best looking Halloween party ever — not one slutty cat in sight (Ash’s kitty mask was downright classy with her 60s inspired ‘do).

Best Dressed
Victoria’s beaded gown was divine, but it’s Emily’s white hot structural bodice that gets our vote. 

Most Soapy Moment
Was it ominously cutting off a black rose before sending the bouquet over with a note written in red Sharpie? Or was it giving the baby to the nuns back in the 70s with a promise they’ll never, ever tell you about the baby? It’s so hard to decide! 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 2
But both totally sincere. One as Ems comforts Nolan (Sorry Nolan, I’m not nearly as sad that Padma’s dead). And another as Declan tries to calm Charlotte down after she decks someone for talking smack about Amanda (it’s almost like they really are related).


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