What Mindy and Heather Wore

This week, both Danny and Mindy run into blasts from the past who (fun fact) both happen to be redheads. The office discovers that Danny is providing prescription drugs to his Staten Island BFF, Stevie, while Mindy’s ex’s ex Heather wants to make amends so she can rent in Mindy’s apartment building (man, the NYC housing market is sparse). The show ends up in Staten Island, where we discover that Stevie and Heather will probably come back for a couple more episodes and Danny used to be fat. Yep. That’s pretty much all that happened.


The office watches Danny and Jeremy do pull-ups because where there’s a high bar, a man will do a pull-up on it. And make it into a competition.

We also get a good look at Mindy’s Catholic prep school outfit, and I have to say — LOVE IT.


Sure, she’s kind of outworn jumpers at this point. But I will always be a sucker for plaid jumpers and I need this outfit on my body NOW.


Mindy cooks breakfast for her wheelchair-ed BFF Maggie in this kinda odd outfit:

Is she wearing a sheer button down on top of a dress? Is that a cardigan? Whatever it is, me = not a fan.


Heather (yeah, crazy psycho Josh’s girlfriend HEATHER) randomly shows up (seriously, what?) to offer Mindy a “humble pie.”

Besides the fact that it doesn’t make sense why Heather is still relevant on this show (even if she IS the lovely Ellie Kemper), she dresses prep to the T. Also, PIE. Always the perfect accessory in my books, especially if it’s being given to me…


Heather tells Mindy that she’s thinking about moving into her apartment building (I’m so curious as to what Heather does because we all know even Mindy can’t really afford it), so Mindy naturally writes a scathing anonymous letter to her landlord about Heather. Naturally.

Mindy nails her own style here: bright colored cardi, patterned blouse and skirt. Per usual.


We even get to see a close-up of Mindy’s star-and-cameo earrings, which are… kinda weird.

Seriously, those earrings are like half Downton, half Apt 23.


Mindy suspects that Danny is a drug addict and throws an intervention for him in this super cute and super coordinated outfit:

Not only am I a sucker for plaid jumpers, but I also am a sucker for fuzzy polkadot sweaters. And bright-colored tweed. And cute white blouses. Mindy, you have stolen my heart for most of this episode. S’cute.




Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), Mindy was wrong about Danny because he was actually giving drugs to his Stanton Island BFF, Stevie. Isn’t that still bad/illegal/unethical? Mindy shows up at the hospital to confront Danny with two more extra pieces. A plaid jacket (which I’m not crazy about) and a classic Chanel handbag.

Seriously, this girl owns a Birkin AND a Chanel??? If I had known young doctors made this much money, I would’ve listened to my parents about going to med school…


Danny’s BFF, Stevie, stalks Mindy at a shoe store and they end up going on an ice cream date together… which just makes me wanna give Stevie props for his amazing stalker skills. Because, his finding Mindy was FAST and ACCURATE and CREEPY. Most importantly, creepy.

Mindy shows everyone his picture in this cute blue jacket and adorable colorblock skirt:


She discovers that her Steven is Danny’s Stevie and decides to go to Staten Island and confront him.

We get to see underneath her blue coat and lo and behold, a super cute x-pattern blouse by Theory.


We get to see underneath that blouse and WOWEEEE, MINDY LAHIRI!

This bra is SO CUTE. But really no explanation as to why she’s changing in front of both Danny and Morgan.


Or why she decided to change into “A”. I think by now you all know I completely heart Mindy, but she needs to add a few flatiron curls before she can pass for Rosewood material.


Heather decides to come by (AGAIN) to inform Mindy that her application got rejected. Fortunately, her outfit tells a different story.

Check out that pink jacket and color block top action! If Mindy’s MO is jumpers and bright cardigans, Heather’s is cute prep and dessert accessories. YUM.


Am I right, Mindy?

Heather finds out about Mindy’s letter and they convince the landlord to let her rent. Which is just another way to keep Ellie Kemper on the show. NOT that I’m complaining.


Mindy upgrades her A look with the color purple, still looking sort of A-ish in my opinion. Well, if you ignore the cute little balls on her mittens.


So, now that Heather is moving into Mindy’s building, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her than we expected. That means more cute prep, baked goods, and psycho-bitch girl fights. Who’s excited???