What Jess Wore

The Land of Books meets the Land of Lincoln when Jess and the gang accompany Nick to his hometown of Chicago. Unfortunately, their foray to the Windy City was not for a joyous occasion (like tucking into deep dish pizza) but to help Nick bury his father, Walt, who passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Okay, so maybe avoiding the deep dish was a good idea. Schmidt overcomes his fear of death by literally facing it head on and while Nick buckles under the pressure of organizing the perfect Elvis-themed funeral for his father, Jess comes to her hunk of burning love’s rescue. Even though Nick’s mom wants to punch her in the face.


But, clearly, the bakery staff didn’t want to punch Jess in the face because they gave her a bajillion balloons. And what a flattering color this blue is on her! At the risk of sounding seriously creepy, I just know it totally matches her eyes…I only wish she had slicked on her usual red lipstick for a zing of color. But, I guess that’s what the balloons are for.  Way to accessorize! 


Who knew that these fun-loving Californians had such practical and stylin’ outerwear? Amidst a heated battle between Nick’s relatives over whether it’s “pop” or “soda,” Schmidt and Winston look so smart in their single-breasted woolly coats. While Winston’s Kenneth Cole-esque jacket is playing it on the safe side, Schmidt’s tan J.Crew Mayfair Topcoat is just so dapper. The color is a great alternative to the string of black and charcoal winter coats, and the pockets and contrasting buttons are like little kisses of sophistication. 

I want to love Jess’s coat; I really, really do. Burgundy is a classic, not-boring winter color and contrasting piping is always a modern way to add detail to any piece, but in this case…I just want to throw snowballs at it. She always seems to look her best in fitted outfits and this billowing, bell-shaped silhouette fails miserably at flattering her figure. Is she planning on smuggling Chicago dogs back home? Plus, the black piping and buttons make it look like her coat has a face.

But all is forgiven with one look at these Victoria’s Secret starry pajamas. They make me want to crawl into bed and snooze.

I really hope some of the stars are glow-in-the-dark.


I was inordinately proud of myself when I recognized this sweater from a previous episode, and I’m not going to let the fact that I wrote that recap, too get in the way of this moment. In a brilliant stroke of genius, this aqua cableknit gem resurrected itself from one Chicago-friendly episode to reappear in another. Looks cozy, doesn’t it? Can’t go wrong with cable knit.  


During this Dressing-for-Comfort parade, I was waiting for Jess to put on a dress. She always does! As it turned out, Jess toned down her penchant for color and prints for this black and tan number. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love this dress (so classic and feminine!) but does she go shopping with a checklist?  A fun collar to add some charming detail, check. A contrasting belt to nip in her tiny waist and flatter her figure, check. A flouncy, flowy, or bubble skirt for some volume, check. 

I mean, I guess it’s good to have a formula. And she did beat Schmidt in his bid to be “Best Dressed” at the funeral




So, yeah, we knew this was was coming. The second Nick and a fake King of Pop stumbled into the church reeking of what I can only hope was a Goose Island brew, we knew that a spangled white jumpsuit would find its way onto Jess’s person. And damn, can she pull it off. But then again, red and voluminous hair have always been her thing.


Oh, and for the record, it’s “pop” not “soda”.