The Americans

The life of a spy doesn’t leave much room to be fashion-forward — always having to blend in, all the clandestine meetings outdoors in all weather at all hours, and the constant threat of pesky blood spatter stains. I’m not a spy, but I’m guessing many of them wear black leather jackets. So, one could argue that this ensemble is rather boring, however, I think it rocks because a) it’s on Kerri Russell, and b) you really can’t go wrong with a black leather jacket. Works for everyone in any situation. Plus it matches her gun. Besides, we should enjoy the tasteful clothes while we can…the rest of the 80s are coming. — Kim Humes


How I Met Your Mother

So, Robin’s new thing appears to be body-con yet tasteful dresses, such as this grey tweed number. Sure, it’s perfect for work, but I appreciate the fact that she wore it during her dance-off with Marshall. The high waist is super flattering and the exposed zipper? Such a modern touch. You go on with your bad self Robin, whether it’s the evening news or a dance contest.  — Carla Bordereis


Vampire Diaries

The best thing about no-emotions-Elena? Her new haircut, obvi. I know I feel a million times more sassy after a trim, and clearly the undead do, as well. And peep those equally gorgeous lace-up boots. If being a vampire means being able to effortlessly run around NYC in heeled boots, I’m all in. Paired with the denim and perfectly tailored blazer, we’re hoping to see more of this Elena. — Steph Au