Part 2 of 2 – Revenge(!!!) of the Hoodies

Style-wise, things get off to a decent start for Nolan and Padma, the couple so boring that nobody’s even thought of combining their names. Nolan looks adorable in his mustard-yellow sweater, patterned navy shirt, and blazer. You can’t see them here, but he is also rocking some wicked grey, plaid skinny pants. Padma, by comparison, is her usual meh in this plum-colored, DVF-inspired wrap dress.

Padma, everyone can use a little accessorizing — even when you’re concerned that your father is missing a finger. 


Padma does what I can only assume is her version of upping her game when she meets The Initiative for the father/flash drive swap. If I were The Initiative, I might have wanted to kidnap Padma for her stylistic choices alone. This DKNY dress is too big and the giant gold buckle on the belt is not particularly cute, although snaps for the classic Coach bag.

Definitely a poor choice when you’re supposed to be rescuing someone who has already suffered a great deal. 


Instead of rescuing Padma’s father, #TeamAidlan are forced to watch helplessly as Padma is kidnapped. Immediately after, Nolan changes into a hoody — a.k.a his “I’m stressed” clothing. 

Do you think he borrowed this from the brothers Porter?


Because, similar to the cast of Glee, Jack doesn’t need any reason to pull out his fav American Apparel hoody.


What do you do when your fiance goes up in flames on your honeymoon boat, and you need to figure out why? Send your kid brother, in his school uniform, to investigate for you. 

Declan finally proves useful as he helps Jack get closer to realizing what Emily’s known all along: The Graysons are behind everything.


Even this:

Those are bullets. That Victoria plucked from her jewelry box. And mailed. To her son. Like I said — kitchen sink.