This week on HOW I MET YOUR (EVIL FOSTER) MOTHER: This week brought a good old-fashioned REVENGING as Emily and Eli take down their nasty former foster mother. Emily’s so busy with this that Nolan and Aiden head out as bros to save Padma’s father. That goes about as well as anything ever does when Emily’s not involved. But then… it turns out that Eli was the one who started the fire that got Emily sent to juvie in the first place! But don’t worry, he makes it up to her by giving her intel that lead to her father’s lost letters to her. Intel that leads her to MASON EFFING TREADWELL, still in jail, ready to serve up this season’s best plot twist: Victoria had a baby when she was 16 and put it up for adoption! SECRET VICTORIA LOVECHILD!!! Can’t wait this sure-to-be-gorgeous-and-angry young man.

Emily’s Target

RED SHARPIE!!! makes a long-overdue return as she crosses off the face of her Evil Former Foster Mother. It was also good to see see L’il Amanda begin her revenging ways with a red smelly marker, crossing off her father’s face.

Gala of the Week
A joint Dead Stripper Fund/Conrad’s Political Campaign shindig at the Stowaway. Nice to have an event held outside of Grayson Manor for a change.

Best Dressed
While I liked the Megan Draper-ish colour block dress worn by Daniel’s assistant Grace, Emily wins the day with a classic red sheath dress and a half-updo.

Most Soapy Moment
Not only was Wicked Foster Mother totally evil, but she trapped little kids in what looks like the Hansel & Gretel witch oven! Did the house come with that built in, do you think? 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 1
You KNOW Jack’s a badass when he over-the-shoulder-hugs his own BABY SON. #Amazing


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