So here’s what you missed on Glee: nothing. The only possible plot point was Rachel and Brody’s break up. Other than that, it was Guilty Pleasure week, with the Glee club confessing their love for Barry Manilow, the Spice Girls (!!!!), Chris Brown (which actually brought up an interesting “separating the artist from their art debate” that I would never have expected from Glee), and Phil Collins.


Only on Glee

Macaroni Art & Boyfriend Pillows. Because what other show would have macaroni art? Courtesy of Sam, obvi.


And filed under Late-Night-Six-Glasses-In-Bad-Decisions: boyfriend pillows. Filed under Good-Sartorial-Choices: Kurt’s skull top.


Mike Chang’s Replacement

Jake’s guilty pleasure was the aforementioned Chris Brown, which he then switched out for a number by (the also stellar at relationships) Bobby Brown. I don’t really care what Jake sings, so long as I can watch him dance. Peep the red socks and black Converse. Heart.


Best Dressed

While this week gave us some fun songs (Wham! “Copa Cabana!”) the wardrobe was ho-hum. Except Rachel and Santana’s sleepwear. I never would have pegged Santana as a polka dot girl, but there she is with PJs worthy of Jessica Day. And how typical of Rachel to wear a satin sleep set. The pink and blue combo is lovely…and those buttons! If Marc Jacobs can send pajamas down the runway…





Rachel’s Melodramatic Solo Duet of the Week

Creep by Radiohead. Typically overwrought emotion and fromage, although props to Rachel for this gorgeous silk combo top which kicked off the song.


Also gorgeous: Brody in a suit. We will miss this.


I was all set to peg Rachel’s boatneck full length black dress as completely blah, but then I spotted the gold zipper detail on the neckline and the plunging back. It almost redeemed this rendition of “Creep”. Almost.


Sponsor of the week

The ABC Family has their cocktail ring warehouse, Glee has a closet full of American Apparel hoodies in every color under the sun. Except, our gang doesn’t look nearly so emaciated and sun-starved as your typical AA model.


Best Sweater

Thanks to Glee I believe that if I move to NYC my wardrobe will become instantly chic and I will wear lots of gorgeous knits and have fab hair. I mean, where is Rachel getting this seemingly endless supply of Helmut Lang sweaters?


Tied for a close second is Unique’s fab striped black and white cardi. Further snaps for the top underneath. (Also of note: Marley’s attempt at pattern mixing. I’m not sure how it makes me feel. Do I applaud her for trying, or send her back to Patterns 101?)


Tina’s 60s dress(es) of the week

Let us count the 60s mod dresses: 1) black and white striped flowers, 2) black and white plaid Rachel Roy, & 3) pop art orange. Dear Glee wardrobe dept: PLEASE give Tina another silhouette! Sure, this is better than the goth pilgrim days, but yawn and stuff.


WTF is Going on Award

‘kay, this is not what I meant by a different silhouette. Here we have Tina as Vicky from Small Wonder. First, I had to google Small Wonder. Am still confused. This was beyond strange/pointless, even for Glee.

And oh, hey. I almost didn’t see Marley there. How does one wear a striped sweater and still blend into the wall?


Second place goes to the Glee club in a strange collection of Wonder Woman/Hippie/Elvis/Is-This-Supposed-to-be-Abba? ensembles.

Perhaps they’re interplanetary ambassadors from a planet where the denizens sing instead of speak? And everyone has an endless supply of costume changes and American Apparel hoodies?


Clear Bra Straps of the Week:

As fellow YKYLF staffer Lauren pointed out a few weeks ago…what’s with the clear bra straps? This week we see them on Marley, along with a terrible British accent and sequinned mini dress.

Which brings me to…


Tribute of the Week:

Spice Girls! Unique as Baby Spice (wha??), Kitty as Ginger Spice, Tina as Scary, Marley as Posh (again, wha?!), Brittany as Sporty Spice. The outfits are pretty spot on, from Unique’s lacy turquoise dress to Tina’s pink leopard. Especially love Marley’s chained Jeffrey Campbells.


So, will we get any actual plot next week? Will the adults return? Will the wardrobe department put Tina in something other than a 60s dress and will they also discover strapless bras? 

Hopefully the answer is yes to all.