What Mindy (and everybody else) Wore On The Weirdest Birthday Ever

So, it was Mindy’s “28th” birthday and frankly, it went nothing like she’d expected. She thought she was going for a date with a guy she met online — turns out that was a ruse for her friends to throw a surprise party. Never mind that it’s REALLY EFFING WEIRD to spend your birthday on a blind date, this was just the beginning of one very strange night. When she was (understandably) annoyed with her friends’ gifts (a microwave cookbook for one, an elliptical machine, a Chris Evans body pillow) Mindy split that joint and wound up drinking grain alcohol on the street with Beverley. Also: we get confirmation that Mindy has three magic closets, not including the one at work. So that explains where she keeps all these coats.


Mindy began the episode in yet another standout profesh ensemble, featuring a bird-print blouse and her always cute hipster-adjacent specs.

It’s really a shame she has to wear that lab coat while at work, because you just know that top has purple cuffs and maybe some sort of shoulder detail. She’s even matching that fuschia laptop! Girlfriend knows how to accessorize… office-supplies, style.


For her faux date, the Mindster pulled out her usual OTT eveningwear look. And yet, somehow, improbably… she pulls it off. I have no idea how she does it. Seriously, she’s got a rhinestone Peter Pan collar on an aggressively yellow top:

Which she’s matched with this “touch me I’m so luxe and expensive” purple GLITTERY coat:


Not just embellished with sequins, mind you. ENTIRELY COMPRISED OF SEQUINS. Bow down to Dr. Mindy Lahiri, queen of Pulling. It. Off.




Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Mindy’s savant-like ability to match coats with scarves has worn off on the rest of the cast because EVERYBODY was in killer coat/scarf combos this week. Seriously. Everybody.


I have to give props to Mindy’s friend Maggie. Even though her leg is STILL broken and she’s stuck in a wheelchair, girl is not letting it get her down. Check this convalescent style statement:

Knitted bootie on the broken leg; funky over-the-knee sock and ass-kicker boots on her non-broken leg. I don’t think Mindy herself could have styled this any better… though I suppose if she’d been involved, there would be more sequins.


Other than the first scene, the whole episode took place in one night, leaving not much by way of fashionz. That being said — there were a lot of birthdays of TV this week, weren’t there? Carrie turned 17. George on Suburgatory turned 50. However, Mindy’s birthday celebration definitely wins the battle of Oddest TV Birthday Celebration, 2013. Do you think she’d like if we gave her a celebratory banner to wear, like a sexy mayor?