Since Hannah literally wore an over-sized t-shirt the entire episode, the outfit of the week for the season two finale of Girls goes to Shoshanna. If our pop-culture addicted (supporting) heroine had worn this butterfly printed dress in season one, it would be open snark season on her. However, this is “Season Two Shoshanna” — rejuvenated, reborn and now Ray-less. So fly with the butterflies and make out with the Scandinavian guy at the bar. In those clouds of limitless fashion, it’s a brave new Brooklyn. — Matt Solyst



How I Met Your Mother

Just like when I enter a J.Crew, I couldn’t decide between my two favorite outfits on this week’s How I Met Your Mother.  So, again, just like at J.Crew, I chose both.

My first pick is Lily’s Sundry sailboat hoodie at left. The Captian may have her running all over town, but I’m firmly rooted in my love for this piece. Nautical, comfortable, and practical? Ahoy!

On a completely different fashion note, Robin rocked the cap-sleeved, form-fitting, blue dress at right. Note the exposed zipper in the back. Definitely the look to go for if you’re coercing your fiancé into selling his much-loved (and much-customized) NYC apartment.
— Terry Beasley



Vampire Diaries

While The Lying Game’s Arroyo High School may have a daytime glamor dress code, Mystic Falls knows its student body may have to run for their lives — or get into a mid-woods fist fight with their BFF — at the drop of a hat. Caroline’s skinnies tucked into boots and sleek moto jacket are perfect for calc and keeping your best friend from eating the competition. She’s playing dress-up, like we all did in high school, trying on a biker-chic persona for a day. We cover a lot of teenagers on this site, but Vampire Barbie’s wardrobe is definitely the one we wish we had if we woke up tomorrow back in high school. (Dear God, please don’t let that happen).
— Amanda Smith