This week on O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? OH, YOU’RE IN THE HAMPS: Emily’s former foster brother, Eli, rolls into town with his own agenda – namely, to get as much cash as possible from his quasi-family connection to Fauxmanda. Eli beats Emily at her own game, worming his way into the Grayson’s good graces and earning a nod as co-chair (with Queen V) of the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Oh also the Amanda Clarke Foundation is some sort of money launderig thing the Graysons are doing for The Initiative because, of course. Meanwhile, I’m getting a crush on The New Jack, who’s blowing around like a Fauxmanda-style wild card, showing evidence of heretofore unseen brain cells. Also: bonus Flashback Nolan introduces us to the latest Big Bad: THE FALCON!  

Emily’s Target
Emily’s doing her best to run Eli out of town before his scams wreck her scams. But it’s hard to Red Sharpie a guy who acts like he’s got a Red Sharpie of his own…

Gala of the Week
“Amanda Clarke Foundation For Kids Who Can’t Read Good” gala was yet another fabulous event thrown at the last minute by Ashley, who is apparently a party planner again now?

Best Dressed
Emily’s the picture of nautical style in this navy blazer with white piping, and perfectly fitted skinnies.

Most Soapy Unbelievable Moment
Nolan’s sooo computer-savvy, he was able to expunge all of Eli’s various criminal records… with an app? In the middle of a party? ON HIS PHONE? 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 2
You know Jack’s well on his way to a black belt in revenge(!!!) as he gave two OTSHs this week: one to Queen V, and one to Nolan.


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