Le sigh. Oh, Marnie. Girl, you are lucky you’re so damn gorgeous and wore a rockin’ dress to Charlie’s work party because you made a complete ass of yourself. Here we see a glimpse of the old, together and fashionable M — a profesh yet sexy dress with figure-flattering and colorful architectural detail. I think I love the back even more than the front.  What I did not lurve, however, was that strange performance and clearly I’m not the only one. When the girl wearing a gold devil-horn headband is cringing, you KNOW you have gone too far. I kept hoping Kanye would grab the mic from your hands and say “Imma not let you finish.” That’s ok. Later on, when you accept your award for “most embarrassing cocktail party interruption of all time”, I’m sure he’ll be right there to save you from yourself. — Kim Humes


Hart of Dixie

After Wade reveals that he cheated on her, Zoe finds herself in full-on breakup mode. And even though her life now resembles a Taylor Swift song, I must commend Zoe on her H-T committment to earth tones. Most people in her state would grab the first thing they could find, but she made sure she at least coordinated in the same color family. Well done, Dr. Hart. But really? You should’ve known Wade was trouble when he walked in (without a shirt on). — Matt Solyst


Switched at Birth

So much happening in Kansas right now. The deaf students stage a protest against hearies being accepted into school, Regina is drinking again, Angelo is days away from being a dad (he’s in it for reals this time, but the mom is not), Toby thinks getting married to the rather Country Fried girl who’s headed to Peru is a better idea than college, and Bay is feeling pretty victimized about just about everything (then again, she did lose her boyfriend to her sister from another mother who also wants her kicked out of the deaf school). But buck up Bay! You’ve got the best outfit at the sit in. Lace and leather? And tasteful statement jewelry to boot? Looking good girlfriend. Here’s hoping next season kicks off with more amazing outfits for you and less sad faces. — Lesley-Anne Steeleworthy