Part 3 of 3: Willmagine

Dearest darling Emma only appears in one scene this episode, but she doesn’t disappoint in indigo wool which through some miracle doesn’t clash with her hair. Glory be!


Sue Sylvester’s back with a brand old track(suit) in iconic orange-red, trying once again to destroy the the world everyone’s happiness the glee club.


This is one of my preferred tracksuits, but the sense of déjà vu is strong with this one.


And stronger.


And str – wait, what? Could it be a tracksuit we haven’t seen before? That high collar is practically Elizabethan and the piping is very contouring. It’s the Oscar gown of sportswear.


No matter what she wears, Sue looks like Sammy Sane next to Terri. My first clue she’s faking her pregnancy is that while impending motherhood offers benefits such as fantastic cleavage, most women are prouder of their bump than their boobs.

That said, I love the tribal pattern and mix of close and wide decoration on Terri’s kaftan-esque baby-on-board blouse thing. The blend of light and dark hues is lovely.


Terri is doing variations on a tribal theme/cleavage, and this one makes her eyes beyond blue. Either that, or I’m blinded by Puck’s shirt in the background.


When it comes to trying to persuade Quinn she’s a fit mother for her baby, however, Terri falls hard. Those white articles look awfully like leggings, and tights are not pants, and if you can wear those and not have any cellulite showing, I’m not sure you’re real.

I bet poor Jessalyn Gilsig got a cold from the amount of décolleté she had to show daily.


Will sleeping shirtless would improve the show exponentially. Just saying.


Terri doesn’t agree, sadly, since his shirt off would mean her shirt off, so she buys him a car. I don’t understand it either, but apparent car > sex, and Will is so surprised he’s momentarily turned into Nate Archibald. That sweater has a heart pin sewn into the sleeve, I swear.


Now please take you seats for the WS Spring/Summer Show! Tweedy ties and blue button-downs are in this season, especially when paired when a worried expression.


When dreaming up this year’s style profile, we thought, ‘hey, you know what’s never been done before? A pale shirt and a dark tie, that’s what!’ Waistcoat optional, but enjoyable.


Maroon, burgundy and brown with hints of blue and incredulity are about to explode. Add a winning smile if Eve is guest starring and about to steal the show with her blondeness.


Boring is the new interesting! Expand your biceps, not your wardrobe! Wear that same tie you’ve worn a dozen times before!

For best results, don’t bother to do your top button. You’re only a professional.


Textures of burlap sack will give your Will Schuester style a distinctly rustic feel, whether in a leather jacket you stole from Elena Gilbert or a blazer you stole from Goodwill. Of course pink goes with brown. Of course it does.


For when nothing else will do, there’s always that one moody lavender shirt with a well matched olive and black tie which the recapper actually likes. Tease her with it. Make like you might dress yourself better in the future, even though you won’t.


This is how you applaud deaf people, and also those who have pillowcases instead of sleeves.

Who’d you borrow the shirt from, the Hulk?


No refunds will be given if you failed to take any pleasure from any of the pieces in the WS Spring/Summer Collection. Grab a Vitamin Water and tune in next time, when there’ll be more dramedy, pregnancy-related hijinks and poorly ironed collars. Joy!