So much confessing this week! Ted confesses to Sutton (Emma) that he’s her (their) biological dad, then confesses to Dan that he saw Theresa at the graveyard. Rebecca confesses her motives to Ted, making her look VERY guilty about the whole Theresa sitch, and then both Sutton and Emma confess to Ted that there are two of them, which leads to Ted deciding to get his family back together. Another family falls apart when Dan realizes Ethan chose to protect Sutton (Emma) instead of confessing the facts to Dan, which led to Ethan crashing (shirtless) on the Mercer’s couch, and you guys, this show. BTW, RIP Theresa, we’ll miss your tasteful jewellery.


You know how Revenge (!!!) has over-the-shoulder hugs? Well the Lying Game has a penchant for windows. Case in point: Thayer and his prison stripe sweater.

I feel like everyone’s just used to people creeping outside Sutton’s window now. It’s pretty much become a main entrypoint at Casa de Mercer.


On the other side of that window was Mads, who brought a weekender for a night at the Mercer’s. She pairs a gorgeous pair of silk shorts with an equally awesome printed tank. And those shoes? Fab, as always. No walk of shame for our wee little lollipop.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Krisitn continues her reign as Queen of Bland. Boring, shapeless, blends into the background, etc.

But I’m being too harsh, right?


No, she brings the blah to yoga class, too. Is there an asana to clear sartorial blockage?

Meanwhile, Rebecca ambushes her at the country club in a similarly unflattering print dress. The worst part is, we never got a clear shot of her shoes, and I’m betting they were best part of her outfit.


Maybe Emma could borrow the shoes. I mean, I feel like she only wears the most uninteresting pieces from Sutton’s closet. This black dress is one of them, and it makes me sad.


Speaking of Sutton, she’s pretty used to sneaking around outside windows, too. NBD. Just spying on sis and Ethan sharing a midnight cuppa.

 Although she may be onto something about that moonlight. Hola, Ethan.

Just a little gratuitous male shirtlessness for y’all.


My first thought was that Emma probably shouldn’t be wearing lingerie while (shirtless) Ethan’s crashing at the Mercers.

But then I realized it was merely a pink babydoll top with floral shorts Sutton made in home ec. In grade seven, probably. Oh, Emma. Only you.


Non-sexual lingerie aside, I don’t predict Ems and Thayer lasting much longer. If I could only give one picture as evidence of Ethan and Thayer as total opposites, this would be it. Thayer blends into the background in his neat navy polo, while Ethan is a bronze statue claid in plaid. Typical.


Not typical is Sutton’s floral button-up and jean shorts. Looks like Sutton’s been dipping into Emma’s remaining LA wardrobe.

But there’s little details, such as the little zipper on the collars that definitely make the blouse Arroyo worthy.


And these two? Defs not Arroyo worthy in a plain blue henley and neon tank. Didn’t Emma (or Sutton?) wear this like three episodes ago? The neon tanks are getting old. Next!


And finally, someone who breaks out of their norm. This is how you know Jordan means business. He’s not in pastels. And Mads shows up both Emma and Sutton in a printed tank that’s not neon or floral. Yay lollipop!


No yay for Sutton — this is the second floral top from her this week, this must be her version of laundry day clothes.


But it’s definitely not laundry day for Rebecca in this lovely sapphire top. She has good taste in drape-y silk tops, even if she has terrible taste in jewellery.


And then we have Laurel, who probably has the best taste in jewellery out of everyone in the show. But I gotta say, I almost miss the mullet sundresses. Yet another tank this week from Laurel, this one in the form of neon orange and crochet overlay. Definite improvement from Emma’s, but what happened to the girls who once wore daytime sequins?


Laurel even falls prey to a boring dress this week. The lack of a defined waist isn’t doing her any favors. But those shoes?? Coupled with that hair she could wear a potato sack and still be cute. Same goes for Sutton. The addition of the nude heels definitely takes her outfit up a notch.


Emma may not understand daytime glam yet (baby steps), but she totally kills it in this red number. Love the drop necklace which coordinates perfectly with her bracelet. Laurel must’ve picked them out for her.

Although, Emma, you’re technically meeting your dad for the first time. You couldn’t come up with anything more creative than a ponytail? Hmph. Well, here’s to more pretty dresses, less boring ones, more shirtlessness/tuxes, and hopefully some answers next episdoe!