The Bachelor

In a sea of meh, meh, and more meh, there were two standouts: Sarah’s coral and floral frock was fun and adorable, but Des came dressed to kill in a simple, white, body-con Alexander Wang concoction. Is there some sort of correlation between being one of the sweetest girls on the show and having impeccable style? I’d say so. Des, you may not have won Sean’s heart but you have won my allegiance to you as my new style icon, and that’s a tough seat to fill. Please accept this rose, etc.
— Kate O’Leary






This week we learned that Shoshanna has a little bit of a wild side. Or, in the very least, a side that allows her to cheat on Ray with a cute doorman in the mailroom of her friend’s apartment building. She also had the best outfit of the episode, with this red dress that she wore to the mailroom make-out sesh. Even though the dress is so short it could pass for a romper, it fits her incredibly well. The deep v-neck, accented waist, and small gold jewelry make the dress appropriate, chic college party wear. I’m not loving the hair (Star Wars, anyone?), but you can’t have everything. — Terry Beasley


Project Runway

This week’s challenge was the much-dreaded “real women” challenge where at least one designer always insults people who aren’t a size 0. Happily, either this year’s contestants have seen these challenges before and knew to hold their tongues, or the salsa-dancing grannies were just too fun for anyone to insult. While all of the ladies brought their own brand of fiercely real, the best combination was designer Samantha and her model, who had just lost 30 lbs and was eager to show off her new bod. As soon as the model said she liked leopard print, Samantha’s face lit up like kid at Christmas. What else do you put on a tattooed lady with a buzz cut? I want to dress like this when I’m grown up. — Ann Foster