We catch a glimpse into why Jessa is, well… Jessa, when she and Hannah travel upstate to visit her estranged father. Her sanity may be questionable but her style certainly isn’t — she’s the very picture of a boho hippie traveler in this caftan and tie-dyed scarf with rattan wedges, and I dig it (and the hippiesness is rubbing off on me, apparently).

I particularly covet her tribal jewelry, including the gorg arrow earrings, ring, and turquoise necklace. I’m guessing she picked them up in fabulously frenetic markets in locales like Egypt or Cameroon. At least your crazy travels through life have given you some wicked accessories, Jess! And judging by the mysterious exit at the end of the episode, she’s off on another faraway adventure. Will we ever see our loopy but stylish hippy girl again? I hope so, if for no other reason that to enjoy more of her globetrotting style. — Kim Humes


Hart of Dixie

This week in the land of Cracker Barrel, our north of the Mason-Dixon line heroine is in full “my boyfriend plays guitar in a band” mode. However, when she correctly points out that the lead singer makes the band sound more like Guns n’ Dead Roses, she nearly becomes the southern belle version of Yoko Ono. But Yoko never dressed as fabulous as our dear Dr. Hart — check out this casual coat paired with a ladylike black and beige dress with accordion pleats. They say “all you need is love.” Well, in this writer’s opinion, all you need is fashion.
— Matt Solyst


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

If I’m being honest, my favorite ensemble of from the last episode was Jiggy the Dog’s jaunty chambray jumpsuit. So perfect for a quick summer trip to France. But rather than discussing canine couture, I’ve instead decided to write about Taylor. Pourquoi? Because girlfriend has been hitting le bottle way hard. You know you have problems when Kim, of all people, wants to discuss your sobriety. Taylor sweetie, only a really drunk person could think that this face looks good. The forehead! The lips! The unnaturally smooth skin! The crazy eyes! This woman needs a remote rehab center far away from any plastic surgery centers. — Anne Forman