What Mindy Wore To Be On TV

While Mindy Kaling is effortlessly stylish on this show, Mindy Lahiri dives into full-on tragic when she tries to make herself into the next Dr. Oz. Luckily, it turns out that Danny is an expert on local TV news, so he’s able to prep her perfectly for her appearance — but he crashes and burns when she rushes off to deliver a baby and he’s put on camera. You’ll notice I didn’t mention Mindy’s puppet. That wasn’t an accident. Puppet is hella creepy you guys. Like, nightmare inducing. But we’ll get to that in a bit.


At the beginning of the episode, we see Mindy’s attempt to publicize their practice — dressed up as Rowlf from the Muppets, with a puppet, in taxi ads.

Mindy is cute as heck, but this was the Worst. Idea. Ever. Like, would you go to a doctor who you say doing an ad like this? When there are handsome midwives wandering around fields, who look like this?

Sure enough, the dashing midwives commercial brings about the latest round of Doctors vs. Midwives. They might have the casually rolled easter-egg shirts and khakis, but if they were facing off strictly with adorable outerwear? Mindy would win, hands down.


Her first coat is yellow, accessorized with a yellow-red-and-blue patterned scarf and (though you can’t see them in this pic) fuschia gloves.


Next, we see her in this amazing red Modcloth wool coat with black details, along with her matching red bag (Birkin?! Isn’t she young enough to still be paying off med school debt??) and yet another multicoloured scarf.

Danny’s no slouch either, in that classic navy blue peacoat and grey plaid scarf. Actually, this is maybe the best Danny has ever looked on this show — although I have a substantial men-in-peacoat weakness, so I’m not entirely unbiased here.


Mindy’s last coat was the most stunning — red plaid, navy colour blocking, Modcloth again.

It’s got a kind of Megan from Mad Men vibe that makes me want this coat so hard. But like… how many wool coats can one person own? We’ve seen her apartment – is there a hidden third bedroom where she keeps all of her coats?

In other news, can this show take place exclusively in fall and winter? I don’t think I can go an entire episode without one of Mindy’s jackets, which I fear would happen if winter ever turns to spring (or God forbid, summer!) on this show.

Here’s the h-to-t of the coat (and Danny’s second coat — wait, how many coats does he own?)

I guess if I worked every day with Mindy, I’d start collecting coats as well. Her influence is that powerful.


That being said… I’m not as much enamored with her innerwear as her outerwear this week. Her main outfit this week has, perhaps, too much going on. At first glance, it seems like a fairly typical Mindy outfit: teal blouse layered under blue-and-black checked jumped with skinny belt. Cute, right?

(Note: these colours are AMAZING on her. Every week, I watch this show and wear bright primary colours the next day like through hypnotic suggestion. But let’s be real: I can’t pull it off like Mindy.)





But then we get the side view, and I’m not so sure anymore.

It’s got green panels on both sides, and then the top of the torso is a brighter blue than the bottom half (which may, in fact, be purple?). Like, I can appreciate the 60s spirit behind this, but it’s waaaay too much. Also, the lighter green side panels aren’t super-flattering. Darker sides and a lighter middle would help emphasize Mindy’s curves in all the right ways.


That being said, I like the earrings. And girlfriend knows how to work her hipster-adjacent glasses. I’m a bit bummer her nails are so plain, though. Where’s the vibrant nail party we’ve come to expect??


Overall, I get why Mindy was invited to be the medical expert on the local TV news program. This lab-coat-wearing lady doctor with the female reproductive system model clearly knows her stuff:

I mean, I’d trust this woman over the person in the muppet costume with the budget sock puppet in the first picture, amirite?


Tradge, Mindy’s dreams to be the Female East Indian Dr. Oz are not to be, as she prioritizes helping her real-life patients over the glamour of TV cameras. At least she’s still got her puppet to keep her company, though, right?

Mindy you know we love you. But you have got to burn that thing. xo YKYLF