What Jess Wore

After The Jess and Nick Kiss (here on out known as The Thing We All Wanted But Might’ve Just Ruined The Entire Show. Haven’t the writers heard of the Moonlighting Effect?), Jess and Nick still can’t get comfortable around each other, especially now since Sam is out of the picture. This week, Schmidt finds a hidden parking spot, forcing all the roommates to h-core fight which, in turn, causes tons more problems for Jess and Nick. Also, Schmidt pees his pants and Winston looks for a condom. Oh brother! Forget “The Thing We All Wanted” — I think the show’s taking care of its demise all by itself…


Rooming with that guy who recently “nailed” your mouth means awkward bathroom conversation (or lack thereof). Thus begining a collection of corner-of-the-eye side glances…


The “will-they-won’t-they” tension is thicker than the last time it was this thick. Which was last episode.


Fortunately (or unfortunately), Schmidt interrupts the two lovebirds to announce that he just discovered one parking spot for the apartment. The whole gang goes berserk (that’s so LA) and fights for the spot in their usual palettes — Jess in the color “purple” and Nick, Schmidt and Winston in the color “bleh, whatever.”

Is it just me or is Jess wearing a super super short skirt? I know she’s supposed to be a prude and all, but frankly, this skirt is not even slightly “bend-over” proof, if you know what I mean.




Luckily, she’s got some soft-looking gorgeous Pantene Pro-V spokesperson hair as a distraction.

Seriously. DAMNNNNNNN. Also I’m almost positive she’s wearing a different shade of purple than she was in the parking garage. Which makes absolutely no sense.


But I’m not too upset about wardrobe inconsistences, considering this episode takes place in one day and Jess wears the exact same outfit the whole day (seriously the worst thing for a YKYLF blogger). But at least this episode got a flashback. Like when Jess shooed off a homeless man in this adorable striped long-sleeve:


Jess gives us more wardrobe variety (sorta) when she tries to seduce Nick for the parking spot by wearing his signature hoodie.

Yowza. They are no longer masking the fact that Jess is hot, huh?


We finally get to see Jess’s complete outfit: a gold-button peacoat, navy skirt, heart-shaped crossbody and lavender ballet flats.

I love this outfit. Even with the tights, it’s not too drab with two pops of color (flats and sweater). UNFORTUNATELY, this outfit looks familiar. A little too familiar…


Oh right. She wore the exact same thing on Season 1.

Repeat outfits. Purple sweater switcharoos. No pajama cameos. Come on, wardrobe department…


So what do you guys think? Is there a future for Nick and Jess? Will they ever end up together? And more importantly, will she wear a new outfit when it happens???