Downton Abbey

I’m still too upset to speak… or write… or think. Until the last five seconds of the season finale, I planned to share my opinions about Rose’s amazing backless dress for the Ghillies Ball, but then Downton Abbey stabbed me in the heart. As we will never be able to write about Mary and Matthew again (Downton doesn’t do flashback scenes), it seems only fitting to memoralize them and their complimentary ensembles one last time. So, here goes: Mary is lovely in this maroon maternity suit with cutout detail at the collar and matching hat, and Matthew is a proper English gentleman in his casual country attire. They are historically accurate and too sweet for words and my poor PBS-watching heart may never recover. 
— Anne Forman


How I Met Your Mother

Lily was the epitome of “cool, young art teacher” in this adorable taffeta dress with cap sleeves. The colour rocks (would you call it eggplant or slate?) and while the dress by itself could be considered a bit boring and conservative, the Lilster finishes off her look with a super-sexy pair of bright blue heels. Kyle MacLachlan (aka, “The Captain”/Trey MacDougal/Dale Cooper/Orson Hodge/Mayor of Portlandia) sure couldn’t take his eyes off of her, even standing next to Robin in that slinky black number. On the other hand, judging by the height of those heels, the SHOES hurt. A. Lot. But sometimes you have to go through a bit of pain in order to land your dream job. Lil, keep making outfit choices like this and your future will be nothing but smooth sailing. Ahoy, indeed! — Kim Humes


Modern Family

When it was revealed that Claire and Mitch used to be figure skating partners, I had to see their costumes. Who knew that Claire and Phil would actually use it as part of their cosplay as a prelude to in flagrante delicto? As far as figure skating costumes go, Claire’s dress is almost elegant, given the minimal use of rhinestones and oversized sequined crucifixes and animals. The skirt, however, cuts her the wrong way — it’s too high up and doesn’t elongate the body. I’ll still give her bonus points for authenticity: Japanese-Russian skater Yuko Kavaguti is wearing a similar (albeit more modern and demure) costume this season.
But the real questions are:
1) What music would Claire and Phil have used for business time? I’m thinking they’ll go the obvious route and re-enact Torvill & Dean’s Bolero.
 2) How on earth can Claire be the same size she was when she was 16?! Or do we think she had a dress custom-made for the boudoir?  — Ritchie Po