This week on FIVE EPISODES’ WORTH OF SHOW IN 40 MINUTES: Fauxmanda and Jack’s honeymoon at sea goes quickly awry when they’re held at gunpoint by Whatshisface, the cuter brother. Jack gets shot, but Amanda sends him off to sea in a life raft. The Revenging Besties, on the highest-tech boat rescue this side of James Bond, find Jack’s body and help save him… or do they? Meanwhile, Queen V has some sort of plan to hide her murder of Initiative Helen which for some reason, involves Connie launching his political campaign early. Also: The Initiative sends Padma her father’s finger to prove he’s still alive. AND THEN!! It becomes a five-Kleenex affair when Fauxmanda dies in Emily’s arms after saving Jack’s life, in the saddest death scene since Sammy the dog (RIP).


Emily’s Target
This week, she’s not out for Revenge(!!!), but rather sets her sights on rescuing her BFF and her childhood BF. 

Gala of the Week
The Grayson’s Annual Labour Day Party/Connie’s political campaign coming-out party!

Best Dressed
There was so much DRAMZ this week it was hard to pay attention to the clothes, but Queen V’s beige dress with cleave cutout was pretty fab. 

Most Soapy Saddest Moment
When Fauxmanda was dying and Em flashed back to their teen years, when she met Fauxmanda’s declaration of sisterly love with shifty eyes… and then Em finally (too late!) returns the love.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 1
In the same flashback, Teen Emily and Teen Amanda bid farewell with a teen version of the Over The Shoulder Hug. 


Come back on Wednesday for Anthony’s take on all of this week’s fashion highlights and lowlights. In the meantime, tide (HA!) yourself over with Wetpaint Entertainment’s recap of last night’s episode.