Downton Abbey

Lady Edith has swag — or, more accurately, has swathes. She’s often the worst dressed Crawley and has a strange attraction to ugly hats, but this week she stuns in dusky rose with understated floral embroidery. The crystal adornment at the waist even manages to hint at ladylike curves, something unheard of in the boyish fashions of the 1920s. And can elbow-length gloves come back into fashion? Please? — Bella Hall


Modern Family

What do you wear when you visit your psychic? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to one. It’s a bit too obvious to splash on scarves, bangles, bracelets, a shawl and a turban, but that would be a little too on-the-nose. (Full disclosure: I may have worn the outfit I just described in a ninth grade acting class where I played a psychic.) We have Gloria all in black but never less than effortlessly chic. The coat in particular has a beautiful cut that make the buttons pop without hiding her figure. Very difficult to pull off in winter wear, but it happened! This is how you want to display fine diamonds: on a simple velvety background with minimal fuss that showcases the important details. In the same way, Gloria is always dressed to accentuate her impossibly perfect physique, but she knows how to tone it down without dressing like a nun. Ritchie Po



Who does the Angelina leg better than Angelina? Karen-effing-Kartright from Iowa, that’s who. After wising up and kicking Dev to the curb, Karen’s confidence has skyrocketed. Perhaps it’s because she’s got a killer voice, a rocking bod, gorgeous locks that could rival Jessica Day’s and this to-die-for red chiffon dress with cleavage for days! As for her new BFF, Miss Thang Jennifer Hudson, could she be any more glam? This beautiful champagne silk dress (which Nashville diva Rayna James wore just a few weeks ago) is super hot. Just goes to show, you don’t have to win American Idol to be the star. — Lauren Viscomi


Vampire Diaries

In addition to being a professional TV watcher, I’m also a geology major. As a result, I’ve spent many hours following a man of questionable sanity through the wilderness. However, unlike our intrepid band of blood suckers, I have never looked half as cute as Rebekah. With her shearling vest and profleece vest, she could just as easily be going to Whole Foods or dashing off to yoga class. More importantly, she manages to survive a night on Murder Island without ever once mussing her hair. Clearly, Originals are impervious to Nova Scotia (and for everyone else, here’s a handy Nova Scotia field guide of sorts). — Amanda Smith