Part 2 of 3: Furt Fighters

Carmine, AGAIN! But exposed stitching + a pocket square + a double-breasted blazer = totally forgiveable. Kurt looks like an assassin. A fabulous assassin.


Finn, Kurt’s ballad partner, resembles a red-blooded, dumb as a stump Bon Temps native in his red, white and blue plaid. I bet if you cut him now, he’d bleed hot dogs.


“So…there are, like…other patterns?”


Guess who’s back in a brand new shade of black? Comrade Kurt, in that bizarre cap he insists on wearing and what look like leggings. I don’t even wear leggings.


Kurt suggests Finn dedicate his ballad to his *ahem* unborn child, so he sings to a MacBook and looks a little Danny Zuko in a black tee – but only a little.


Finn sings to a sonogram, and Kurt swings in his direction. He also wears this stunning plaid coat, which is very Gossip Girl, but not so much Chuck Bass as Blair Waldorf. Another double-breasted piece gets a big thumbs up from me, it makes him broader through the shoulders.


Kurt crushes on Finn for reasons such as fighting with Quinn in piratical purple and black…


…defending him from Puck in the obligatory letter jacket…


…and, of course, for not running a mile when this stare bores into his back.

I don’t like Kurt in love. His sass has suddenly gone out the window and reduced him to a collarless shirt and t-shirt without an Alexander McQueen twist in sight. Boo!


There’s a sweet moment between Kurt and Finn in the latter’s basement, but his clothes are too blah for words, so let’s not waste them.


Kurt has got some of his style back, although he does look very Sean Connery as James Bond, AKA before Bond got a stylist. Is that a handcuff hanging off his pocket?


This is much better. A little touch of contrast it all it takes to make clothing work in the Tim Gunn sense, and the pink placket and cuffs of the cardigan and collar of the shirt work.


“Awww, Kurt. Thanks for not making sure I didn’t get this old suit of my dad’s fitted before I met Quinn’s parents. Will you tell Mr Schue I said thanks for the tie loan?”


Finn, I’m as amazed as you seem to be. Your green and grey sweater is halfway to being decent, even if I’m so done with seeing a white t-shirt under your clothes. What are you afraid of, that we’ll see the line of your bra?


Kurt’s heart hurts, and Kurt’s hat hurts. It is neither raining nor snowing. It is not necessary.


Oh, this? This is just for all of us to enjoy. They’re two very different men, but after sweating out their impurities and busting a few moves, they’re both handsome devils.