This week on TWO WEDDINGS AND AN IMPENDING FUNERAL: It’s Jack and Fauxmanda’s big day, which gives Emily flashbacks to her childhood fake wedding to Jack. So Em is double-sad b/c Jack’s getting married to her imposter and Aiden’s still mad at her about his dead sister or whatever. Meanwhile, it turns out Nolan’s not mad at Secretly Evil Padma for spying on him (?) and forgives her (???). Also, the shizz is getting ever-so-near to the fan, when Fauxmanda blackmails Conrad into selling the bar back to Jack (by showing him some of Emily’s secret VIDEOS!!) which leads the Bad News Bears to cut a wire on Jack’s boat! Remember the sunken boat and dead body in the first episode this season? I feel like that’s coming up soon. Oh, also? Victoria totally kills Initiative Helen in cold blood. Remember when she was so scary with the gun a few episodes ago? FORESHADOWING! The episode leaves us with two questions: is a marriage legal when one person is using a fake name/identity and, in what universe would Emily Thorne’s password be that easy to hack?


Emily’s Target
As she reminded Fauxmanda this week, the Graysons are still, and shall ever be, her target. 

Gala of the Week
Fauxmanda and Jack’s beachfront wedding (officiated by Nolan!!) is the event of the summer. Though I kinda preferred L’il Amanda and L’il Jack’s wedding (with best man SAMMY THE DOG!) 

Best Dressed
Emily pulls a Pippa and wears white as Fauxmanda’s maid of honour. If there’s a day when her go-to creamy dresses are appropriate, I suppose this is it. 

Most Soapy Moment
Though it was high soap when the episode ended with the Bad News Bear lurking over a cut wire on The Amanda, I have to give the award this week to Jack Porter’s miraculous jail sentence (that apparently took place entirely between the last episode and this one.) 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0 
Did I miss them, or were there no OTSHs this week? Let us know in the comments if I wasn’t eagle-eyed enough.

L-A‘s got the goods Wednesday on the Revenge(!!!) wedding of the year!