What Mindy Wore to Play Matchmaker

Anyone who has seen When Harry Met Sally could have predicted the outcome of this episode. Mindy sets up a depressed Danny with Lucy (you know, of “Jamie and Lucy”), and the four of them go on a double Valentine’s Day date together. Her intentions are not entirely pure — the match has the two-fold purpose of pulling Danny out of his post-breakup funk and for Jamie to spend less time with his bff/not-so-secret-love. Mindy! I’m surprised at you, rom-com guru that you are! Need I remind you that Carrie Fisher and Billy Crystal did NOT end up together? Thankfully for you, that shiz only happens in real life.


At the start of this episode, Mindy reveals a strange habit — she visits the lobby of the Empire State building every two weeks or so to scout out the men. This time, she completes her romance recon in a fabulous colorblocked navy coat.

These colours are awesome together – the bright orange and pink are a great contrast with the subdued navy and gray. Although, I have to say, Minds, this is not a very “stealthy” ensemble. I’m no expert, but I think the point of recon is that you blend in. No wonder the guards want to pull you in for questioning!



Although it’s possible they just wanted to get a closer look at her gorgeous mug. That electric pink is perfect for her skin tone and I lurve these sparkly earrings. I would totally tackle Mindy to the ground and steal the coat and those earrings STAT! I wouldn’t even care if I got arrested — especially if the officer questioning me was Common.


The next morning, she kills it in yet another adorbs coat during the Danny intervention.

Such a rich, buttery yellow! Although I have to say, the combo is a bit much. I mean, bright yellow with jewels, bright red with jewels and a sparkly tweed skirt, ALL together? I realize the inspiration of the episode is an 80s movie, but this isn’t The Carrie Diaries.


No wonder Danny was dizzy when he stood up! I do kind of love the quilted black bag above, though, and this red cardigan:



Ahem, where was I? Yeah, so Danny comes by Mindy’s apartment before their double-date so that she can make sure he doesn’t look silly. At first I was thinking “how smart of Mindy!” Then I saw what she planned to wear:

Wasn’t I just saying something about “over-the-top”? This Reiss dress somehow manages to be simultaneously super gawdy and super conservative. I love the colour and I’m all for sparkles but the cut is all wrong for her (belly pleating? Dress manufacturers, WHY do you do these things?!). She looks like she’s appearing in a Vegas production of Annie.


Normally I would not agree with Danny’s fashion choices, but in this case he had a much better idea. Sorry Minds.

Talk about going from “Woah!” to “Daaaaaamn!”. Very simple but very va-va-voom. When in doubt, Hervé Léger is perfect for heating up a Valentine’s Day dinner with your date and the two people you each have MAJ sexual tension with.


Plus, she “Mindy-fies” the outfit by adding the fab pink clutch above and more sparkly earrings. This time heart-shaped! With matching ring!

I love you, Mindy. And it’s not because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s not because of all the sparkles – it’s because when you realize someone has the wickedest taste in outerwear and accessories you want them to know as soon as possible!


Predictably, dinner does not go as planned. Jamie is clearly very jealous of Lucy and Danny’s chemistry, and ends the dinner by choking on Mindy’s fish and Heimliching himself on a parking meter. Gotta say, I’ve been on some pretty bad dates, but none that ended with my suitor cracking his ribs while mounting municipal property.

Ummmm…I think it’s time to call it a night, kids. Maybe you shoulda had what she was having, huh, Mindy?


Ah well, not all is lost because the awkward walk home gives us yet another cute coat! This one in burgundy with pretty button loops:

Another great cut and colour, and unfortunately, a romantic let-down for Jamie. Mindy certainly made a match, just not the one she was expecting.


But wait! Just when we think this Valentine’s Day is a complete bust, Danny saves the day. Yes, that’s right, Dr. Douche does something nice! He takes Mindy to the hole-in-the-wall pizza place where he met his wife and shows her this:

You guys! How cute is that? Although, seriously, were they like, 14 years old when they met because I don’t think grown-ups actually do the “you + me = forever” thing. Ah, who cares. The point is, there is clear chemistry between Mindy and Danny and it’s only a matter of time before they are smooching on Mindy’s stoop! And following the Meg Ryan/Billy Crystal timeline, we’ve only got to wait another…12 years for that to happen!