30 Rock

This week, we salute the end of the smartest comedy on TV. That’s right nerds, 30 Rock is no more. Tina Fey’s masterwork will remain for many of us the quintessential workplace comedy, much like The Mary Tyler Moore Show did in the 1970s. While 30 Rock never showcased ridiculous amounts of high fashion, we can be thankful for bizarre costumes such as Liz’s Princess Leia jury duty outfit (which then doubled as her wedding dress); Alec Baldwin’s tuxes, (“it’s after six, what am I, a farmer?”); Tracy Morgan’s jewelry (particularly his “EGOT” and “open marriage” necklaces); and Liz’s never-ending line of sweater vests and mom jeans.

Jack once remarked “those shoes are definitely bi-curious”, but let’s face it, fashion was never Liz’s major focus. She hated shopping, unless it was on a trip to Ikea with an itinerary and Excel spreadsheet. So I leave you all with this shot of Liz in the morning, deciding (in her head) if she should change clothes or transition to pajamas as day wear. As Jenna sang in the closing moments of TGS: “these were the best days of my fluuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg”. 
– Ritchie Po


Downton Abbey

Between the Crawleys’ mourning black and Team Downstairs’ usual uniforms, there weren’t many fashion stars this week. However, I found Daisy’s adorable visiting outfit super cute. She’s working a 1920s vibe with the slouchy hat (still pretty on-trend in 2013), and I like the tweedy blue cardigan. Best of all is how happy she is whenever she visits William’s cute little Dad in his Hobbit hidey-hole. Plus, now she gets to inherit the farm? Score!
– Ann Foster



I’m a true believer that fashion and emotion run hand-in-hand. It’s been my experience that every favorite piece of our wardrobe has an accompanying emotion attached to it (I may/may not be referring to a vintage Adidas track jacket which I am unable to throw away for both sartorial and emotional reasons). Likewise, Shoshanna’s purple dress now has special signficance; it’s what she was wearing when she and Ray dropped L bombs on each other.

And yes, it’s as classy and well tailored as anything we’ve come to expect from Shosh, but I predict she’ll never be able to get rid of it, no matter what happens to her heart… 
– Matt Solyst


How I Met Your Mother

It’s Robin Sparkles 4.0! By miles (or kilometers, for our friends in the Great White North), this week’s HIMYM clothes hunt goes to Robin “Daggers” Scherbatsky. We delved into Robin’s dark obsession with Paul Schaffer, featuring Canadian cameos galore (my personal fave was Dave Coulier, thus showing my real age). We also got a peek at two awesome, yet thankfully, long gone styles from the Reagan-Clinton (or Mulroney-Chrétien) years: 80s mall-rat, and 90s grunge. The sad truth is, I wore nearly these exact outfits, and there is photographic evidence out there somewhere. I’m already hoping we get another appearance of Robin’s alter ego…perhaps in video montage at her pending nuptials?  – Lauren Harari